Monday, December 21, 2009

To Blog or not to blog

I finally got the courage to write on my blog created 3 weeks ago.
In all honesty, I started off with gusto, created my username, created email profiles, even wrote out drafts etc etc. Then within 36 hrs, I came across another blog about 'your online presence haunting you in future' and it was like a Miranda warning 'Anything you write or say in this blog can and will be used against you in a court of law'. This triggered off some internal debate within me. How personal can i be on this blog? Should i just stick to writing about the weather and food recipes? how utterly boring! My conclusion, "Go for it gal, whatever makes you happy!". At this point I have come to realise that i am not infallible like the Pope. But I do know that I am human and I have the right to have an opinion, make it public if i choose. That I am willing to make my mistakes, accept when I am wrong, stick to them even if unpopular and accept when I am wrong..or like my boss will say 'yield to superior argument.
So, here goes...........


  1. Never mind, 'tis the personality and not personal actions that often times matter.

  2. So this is where it all began....heheheh not as dramatic as mine ---> (notice i am a drama but as usual stylishly written and concise. I am possibly 20yrs older than you but not too proud to admit that I learn a lot from your style. Dont let ya head swell o else the shades might break, lol

    More seriously was searching for a place to (er) place my email address without bugging the regular 0ne milla comments you usually receive and decided that the past will be the best place.

    thanks for all the care...i meant it when I said it wasnt a pityparty but still I am moved by the care...always felt blogsville was a kinda place where......forgettabout it..God bless you

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