Friday, December 25, 2009

All by myself this Christmas

Christmas day and here I am writing a blog post.....How is this different from all other Christmas days? I can mention a few..I am not among kith and kin, I am not spending one moment more than necessary in the kitchen cooking up a storm, I went shopping yesterday and instead of buying Christmas staples like chicken, rice blah blah i bought boxes of chocolate,  biscuits and ice cream Yeah!!!
I wont deny that I am feeling twinges of guilt [I could have made it home for Christmas if I had really wanted] and loneliness..but I know I am going to be over that in a couple of hours when i get to my girlfriend Juno's place for Christmas lunch.
So to all my friends and readers out there, who are feeling just a little down, that they are far from home, and not celebrating Xmas the usual way, you are not alone. Chalk it up to experience. Call another friend, Visit a neighbour...You might just find fun/love in an unexpected place.

Monday, December 21, 2009

To Blog or not to blog

I finally got the courage to write on my blog created 3 weeks ago.
In all honesty, I started off with gusto, created my username, created email profiles, even wrote out drafts etc etc. Then within 36 hrs, I came across another blog about 'your online presence haunting you in future' and it was like a Miranda warning 'Anything you write or say in this blog can and will be used against you in a court of law'. This triggered off some internal debate within me. How personal can i be on this blog? Should i just stick to writing about the weather and food recipes? how utterly boring! My conclusion, "Go for it gal, whatever makes you happy!". At this point I have come to realise that i am not infallible like the Pope. But I do know that I am human and I have the right to have an opinion, make it public if i choose. That I am willing to make my mistakes, accept when I am wrong, stick to them even if unpopular and accept when I am wrong..or like my boss will say 'yield to superior argument.
So, here goes...........


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