Friday, January 22, 2010

Birthday Blues

This chic turned 32 eight days ago. Yipee!! Believe me age is nothing but a number. I definitely feel 18 inside, and luckily look 24. J Usually it’s the opinions and I would love to think 'maturity' that reveal my ‘true’ age to people.
Actual birthday was a sort of anticlimax cause I had spent the day with someone special[JG4M] the day before and felt like that was my day. He made me the Diva of the day and it was ‘kinda cool’ to have your every wish answered. Don’t worry he had it easy cause I was in a mellow mood.
We had a dance session; me forcing him to dance, me laughing at his uncoordinated antics, me teaching him how to move, talk, food, movies, church and more food. Confession: I have never spent my birthday, or the immediate day after or weekend after [you know when the birthday glow is still on] with a special one. you get my drift? This doesn’t mean that all other birthdays have been declared null and void..nah. more like this was different and cool too.
You might wonder why he didn’t share all this love on the actual day itself. Well, one simple excuse - Lagos traffic! It was a busy Monday and the trip from Ikeja to Lekki, hrs in traffic wasn’t my thing. Nor would I wish it on anyone. Was I making excuses? Practical me thinks not.
He did start my day off with a big smoochy kiss in the morning mmmm. Had a lot of FB good wishes, phone rang off the hook, Mary made me a lunch of rice and chicken and I had a 4litre tube of Ice cream [courtesy JG4Me] to swim in cause dang it, the light situation and traffic ensured it got melted by the time I got home. Shared it with my basketball team next door. Dinner then off to bed.
 About 9, a knock on the door. My teeny scared voice asks who’s there? No answer
Several more knocks, and still no answer. This gal was running scared. Intruders? Robbers? Phone rings.. ah ha Dr T.
Runs to open the door. Don’t I just love his round bespectacled face for coming to say happy birthday a mano a mano. For this singular act of love, Dr T if you re reading this, I forgive you for all the times you stood me up in 2009, didn’t return my texts or phone calls. But note that’s for 2009. Already your sins are building up for 2010 post-birthday [sic]!

Here’s wishin a happy birthday to all my January peeps. We are special pple and you better believe it!


  1. You really had a swell day. Good for you. All hail January peps. We sure are special.

  2. ...was '8days' ago 14th?
    Wait, what's that on your face? Is it still the grin 'he' activated?

  3. Wot????? So yu are 33 this year? Wow i thought u were like between 16-18 Yu look so good!



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