Saturday, January 9, 2010

Guide to new year resoutions

Hey. Finally got around to making some sort of resolution. Found these questions posted by Jill Nelson on Nia[niaonline] a guide.
What can I do to make my life/my community/the world a better, safer, more equitable place?
What are the three things I did in 2009 that I don’t want to do in 2010?
What are the three things I did in 2009 that I do want to continue doing in 2010? [I had more than 3]
What does family mean to You?

I will give more time to community service through Karale and through Church
I Don’t want to be an addict to social networks,
I Don’t want to replace real friendships with online friendship. They re both good but not the same!!
I Don’t want to continue toxic relationship with XYZ
I Do want to keep Blogging; twice weekly[isn’t this fuelling the addiction I am meant to be avoiding?]
I Do want to be open to normal relationships/love: make time for love
I Do want to make out time for social events, outings.[in fact, actively seek them out] at least 3wkends a month
I Do want to be more attuned to my fashionista side[ shop more, dress more. I am so sad at this]
I Do want to improve my finances [Have a nest egg in my bank account by Dec 2010]
I Do want to be halfway through a master’s program by Dec 2010
I Do want to grow my relationship to God. Read my Bible more
I Do want to be more positive about things. Realism is good, but optimism is even better
I Do want to be a better friend, listen more, advice less, Judge nil
What does family mean to me? Everything. They are the ones praying for me, wishing the best for me and who love me unconditionally. We have our spats and differences of opinion, they may not always be considerate, but when the chips are down, your family is all you’ve got, cherish them! Soo last but not the least
I Do want to be connected to my family: make them priority again.
What do you think? Do they sound achievable?


  1. "Do they sound achievable?" well, with

  2. Dear Rethots. Thanks for bringing me back to this post. I've done better than I thought. thankfully. I have great friendships. I am over XYZ. I am surrounded by family and love. I am still addicted though. and I am broke:). but yeah, better than I had expected.



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