Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jennifer's body a.k.a Megan's body

No, this blog isnt about film But some movies can spur you into writing by their awesomeness or idiocy? 

Pls who has seen this movie? A narcissistic display of Megan Fox’ svelte body. My first time of hearing about this gal was 2 yrs ago when Dr T brought the FHM edition with the top 100 beautiful people in Hollywood[something like that] and he was positively drooling over her pix. I wasn’t impressed.
Then her infamous quotes which made her a feminist in some eyes???.... always ready to point out at double standards in the industry and not shy to speak out..whatever that means. Well, that got me a bit interested in her. Not just an airhead [oh, found out she's rather outspoken about her love for sex..sheesh].
But interesting or not. Her acting talents leave a lot to be desired puleeeez. And She’s actually touted as the next Angelina Jolie. What!! I take offence on Jolie’s behalf.
I actually diagnosed myself as suffering from a case of bad bellyism [the gal’s body na die!] but when I found out that she was up for a 2010 Razzie ‘Worst Actress Award for Jennifer’s body and Transformer 3, I quickly recovered. check here and here

But back to the movie, never have I seen such a beautiful demon. She's got to be half naked before she’s revved up enough to sink her teeth in her victim. Even  the blood drips off her perfect white teeth stylishly.
And wait for it…when she is weak and hungry and thus ready to kill again, the signs are she loses her great looks. her face looks a little less than perfect and her hair lacks luster and bounce. Duh! Well, she made sure she was hungry only twice in the movie. Couldn’t afford to look that ugly twice.

The storyline could have been great if better developed and probably with more serious directing. Can’t believe it was a woman that directed the movie. Is she lesbian?? Lol.
3 thumbs up for her ‘blue eyed needy nerdy’ friend “Amanda Seyfried. Remember her from Mamma Mia? She was a good foy even if clichéd and acted way better than Megan.

And wasn’t it just funny that Jennifer’s Mom finally showed up at her last scene. I had been wondering if she was an orphan afterall it was a teen movie and others still lived at home.
I wont say, don’t watch it. Please do for the laffs and for lines like

Jennifer Check: 'Got a tampon?’[when she was stabbed in the stomach and bleeding profusely] and

Needy Lesnicky: You know what? You were never really a good friend. Even when we were little, you used to steal my toys and pour lemonade on my bed.
Jennifer Check: And now, I'm eating your boyfriend. See? At least I'm consistent.
Yeah, hilarious. next pls

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I had a Valentine!!

I have had my share of solitary valentines to last me a decade. Honest my last valentine spent in the company of a boyfriend was in 2000. Honest!! So it is with great felicitation that I announce the fact that I, Ginger, had a special someone to spend the day with!! Yipee!! And it was so easy. No drama. No ‘will he or will he not be there?’ 'What will s/he give me?'. JG4M did confess that I was not a celebration he was familiar with….but he had the general idea:
1.       Be there
2.       Make her feel special, long stares, hugs, flatter, flatter, flatter
3.       Chocolates, cake and Ice cream
We are both indoor people so going out was different for us. I was too shy for a romantic candle lit dinner, rather we drove down to Ikeja to have a foursome lunch with a mutual friend and his girlfriend.
You know the funny thing…actually having a Valentine made me forget all the fuss about the day. It was just a great day to celebrate being together.

Now that the fuss is over, let me did you spend your day?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

From Avatar with love

Finally saw Avatar last friday. I thot I was the last person on the planet who had not seen it.
Gosh, that movie deserved all the accolades and nominations it got and more! Its been a long time I watched a movie that I got totally lost in.

You know I was almost expecting it to disappoint like 2012 did. I had read all the reviews and was arguably gripped by the first 60 mins of action. But after that, plot degenerated into clichés and a single hero who saves the world urghh!  The highpoint of 2012 was finding out that the dishy black Scientist was Igbo and Nigerian…give it up for Chinwetel Ejiofor!!

I have also seen Sherlock Holmes, great dialogue and action; Time Traveller’s wife [confusingly interesting poignant], Julia and Julie, the book was a boring read thank you so I wasn’t eager to see it on screen. Ever heard of a movie being more interesting than the book? [seems it actually happened in this case].

I digress. So you can understand my fears about Avatar. But it was worth the wait to get a good dvd rip off the and finally watch it.
Imagine my consternation when at the 1:57:10 minute [Just after Jake Sully came back to Hometree atop Toruk Matouk and exchanged the navi greeting with neytiri; I see you] You should have seen me screaming, ‘Girl, you gotta take him back! He flew Toruk Matouk! He is the man! Better recognize! the movie stopped.
I was ready to have JG4M’s head. What’s wrong, why did it stop, I still have 30mins to go, do something or I’m gonna have your head *snarl*
We finished the movie some 40mins after. You know what he asked? Would you have behaved this bad at the theater? *grin*
No I wouldn’t have. but this was more fun right?

And some serious stuff: wtf with all the criticisms about racism in the picking of the cast? Gosh that movie had no color to me. If I hadn’t read the reviews, I would never have known that all the Pandorian natives were black. And you know what? I don’t care cause they were BEAUTIFUL…all grace and lines and litheness.
Zoe Saldana was electrifying and Yes, the chemistry btw she and Jake sully sizzled.
But for me, the bigger message was the arrogance of the western world. They call it white supremacy, I call them BULLIES. Always trying to use their guns and dynamite to steal, pillage and destroy the weak. We saw it in the colonial days Nigeria, India, Ghana, Singapore. We are still seeing it in Angola, Afghanistan, Iraq. We saw it in movies like BraveHeart, Last Samurai.
Avatar had its fantastical side; the birds, the hippos and Eywa saving the day. In the real world, if truth be told, they would not have had a chance. And I guess that’s what made me sad in the end.

Anyway let me get off my soap box of politics and celebrate…no....savor this movie.
p.s. JG4M and I have been giving each other snarls of love a.k.a Neytiri. All flashy eyes and

Slinking into blogsville with tail btw my legs

I hoped to be an irregularly regular blogger but a 3wk gap is shameful.
What can I blame: my lack of internet access[long story] at work and home; my busy weekends with JG4M; the fact that I maybe be homeless in 2 weeks[my rent is due and the landlady is fierce; I hate women] and  I am paralyzed with worry!

Wish me well won’t you please??


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