Saturday, February 20, 2010

I had a Valentine!!

I have had my share of solitary valentines to last me a decade. Honest my last valentine spent in the company of a boyfriend was in 2000. Honest!! So it is with great felicitation that I announce the fact that I, Ginger, had a special someone to spend the day with!! Yipee!! And it was so easy. No drama. No ‘will he or will he not be there?’ 'What will s/he give me?'. JG4M did confess that I was not a celebration he was familiar with….but he had the general idea:
1.       Be there
2.       Make her feel special, long stares, hugs, flatter, flatter, flatter
3.       Chocolates, cake and Ice cream
We are both indoor people so going out was different for us. I was too shy for a romantic candle lit dinner, rather we drove down to Ikeja to have a foursome lunch with a mutual friend and his girlfriend.
You know the funny thing…actually having a Valentine made me forget all the fuss about the day. It was just a great day to celebrate being together.

Now that the fuss is over, let me did you spend your day?

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