Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jos again...

Violence still rages in dear Jos. Newspapers report that they have caught 164 suspects…way to go! 
I thought hatred was only for the non-Christ loving but I find that it is easy to hate. I have been harbouring murderous thoughts about the Hausa men I see moving around Lagos. How dare they walk around free and making their living stresslessly in southern state like Lagos while non-indigenes in their States sneak around. Forced to dress like them, speak like them, change their religion if possible in other to reap any benefits from their state?
On this site, I read an interview of one Sale Bayeri the secretary of the Sultan's Fulani Farmer/Cattle Rearers Conflict comittee [why do we love committees in this country??], who claims that what happened was Jungle justice.He had no apologies whatsoever but rather felt that Nigerians were biased against the Fulani when it was the Beroms [the ruling class] who were killing more. He asked why the outrage wasnt same in January when the majority of deaths were Fulani herdsmen. 
I dont know what to think anymore. Christian/Moslem conflict? I dont care who is right or wrong. These murders were dastardly cowardly acts and should not be associated with the word justice. Nor Men with Jungle beasts. 
Please just stop. Stop the killing!!
And mewonders what Governor Jang is still doing on that seat. He should have RESIGNED by now. What is his primary concern if not to ensure the life and safety of his citizens? This he has failed thrice. Wtf???
Let us pray that the souls of the faithfully dead rest in peace, Amen.

 In a lighter mood, I had great laughs yesterday over the movie Idiocracy. Its old: 2005 but damn was it so full of over the top foolishness and spoofs that kept me in stitches. The actors deserve an applause for getting off that dumb, brain dead look. 
I was paralysed by it. And it might make you wonder too if this could happen in the next 500yrs. IT LOOKS POSSIBLE I tell you.
I wasn’t alone in my fears. 
See comments:

The movie was so prophetic it made me sad.
We now supposedly have 40 million Americans with the intellect of 4th graders.
Newspapers are going out of business, Book publishing is at an all time low and the news is now like the MTV awards. I found this movie truly frightening.

Either way, I loved this movie, as frightening as it might be...
If you ask me, Idiocracy won't become true in 500 years... that was the big flaw of the movie. It's probably 50 years or less than that. We're already at the first few stages.

Hector Munoz: 
The whole point of the movie is not to prophetize the future, this is about the present, the picture is not lacking coherence: northamericans live surrounded by machines in a society that celebrates dumbness, violence, trashy sex life and lazyness via TV.
My advice to you all? Less TV, Read More.....seriously!

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