Sunday, March 28, 2010

Things you get up to on a lazy Saturday

Okay, this is what happens on lazy Saturdays, when you have the whole day to yourself and you spend 40% of it looking in the mirror, catching up on the ravages of the work week: stress, bags under the eyes, lines, zits which cannot hide under the  full glare of the weekend sun as opposed to weekday dawn-light observations.

What’s a girl to do? I was born with a generous dose of melanin…as in black [I need to be smiling to be located in a dark room: mind you, full 32 megawatt smile!]
I digress. My study of said face and skin showed I was looking blacker than usual, a spray of zits on my forehead..urrgh.
JG has this bleaching package meant for men who shave. It is supposed to give instant treatment.
I had been eyeing it for weeks now.

What better time than now?? So I opened the package, mixed powder and activator, and applied paste to face and neck. Instruction said wait for 15 mins. I gave it 20mins [over-compensating for the extra melanin.You understand?!] but with fingers tightly crossed. Hoping I didn’t end up looking like Bianca Onoh.
Washed it off and checked my face again…..everything still looks same. *sigh* Black rules!

But wait a minute….I take the mirror to the kitchen where the sunlight is best and look again. My facial hair usually unnoticed are now obviously discoloured. Talk of blonde sunburns! What’s that?? Where’s my MAC??

Advice: Love the skin you are with. Its all you’ve got!
Question: Ideas on how to care for oily-react-to-every-cream/weather/stress-with-a-breakout type skin?

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