Saturday, April 10, 2010

Aal iz well with Bollywood!

It seems I’m developing a thing for Indian movies. They are cool man!
 I was still under the impression that Indian movies were of the snake girl variety but was I wrong!

The love theme still runs strong in every genre be it thriller, horror, romcom with the accompanying song, dance and choreography. But its evolved and gone notches higher.
Some of the songs are Grammy material……serious.
The clarity of the movies I mean Bollywood and Nollywood are like eons apart in directing and production. Even the stories are much more modern now but still managing to keep the best of Indian tradition and culture. If not for the language restriction, Bollywood could be giving Hollywood a run for their money. Okay this is a must enthusiastic Bollywood just come review. Maybe if I watch it the way they churn them out I would be sick and tired of the singing and dancing lol.
There’s a lesson for Nollywood, how come we are yet to get the camera lighting/shooting right? What sort of equipment is used to get the pictures and colors so sharp? The make up so perfect? The skin so smooth?

Ours rudely show up all the lines and wrinkles and zits. The only requisites for celebrity/star status are great acting and flawless looks [not necessarily in that order]. If I don’t feel that you are way much beautifuller then me, or have this great talent in acting/singing/dancing please please why would you want me to think of you as special? Nollywood make up is so bad I could do much better. So how in the world do you want me to see Eucharia Ajunobi tomorrow and run and ask for her autograph. sheesh.
That’s why Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola, Stephanie are incomparables in Nollywood. They’ve got that star quality.

Anyway back to Bollywood. The best of the picks so far:

Wanted: Great action movie.
Ishqiya: about a widow plotting revenge on her supposed to be ‘dead’ husband
Accident on Hill road: You have got a Visa to leave for UK and abandon your dead end job then you have an accident 2 days before it. Talk about people behaving badly under pressure. I actually hated the lead actress for her deadly desperateness but could also relate to it somehow.
Pyaar Impossible: Is it possible to give love a chance despite how s/he looks or dresses?
Do knot disturb: The comic adventures of a man, his wife and his mistress.
3 Idiots: Beautiful. Just watch it. It has its clichés and could have done without that labor scene err the Al iz well baby response, but i enjoyed every bit of it. Wish more parents could watch it!

I am sold. More please!

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