Wednesday, April 21, 2010

From Travolta with love

Sheesh, an Imdb rating of 6.5 was tooooooooo generous for a movie that had no aesthetics -  It was shot in the romantic capital of the world after all! When I hear Paris, I want to see and feel Paris.

John definitely looks bad strange without a head of hair.(So did Bruce Willis anyway. Makes me wonder about George Clooney hmmm)
This was the guy that made many a teenage gal's heart go aflutter in Grease and Saturday night fever. I mean Grease was like the ultimate high school movie back in the days[High school was in the nineties but we loved it still!]: the dancing, the hormone heated songs ‘Reproduction', the tight jeans, the Cadillac! and John combing back that cowlick*lick lips*
I must admit that he’s still got a lot of moves for a fifty six yr old. He never pulled off his clothes so i'm not sure the body looked as good…and you’ll know male actors; if it still looked good he would have flaunted it.
Anyways by the 70th min, I was yet to identify the bad guy or the purpose of all the gun flicking. I don’t think the producers were sure too cos they made sure we never heard it. There was always some gun battle going on which made conversation impossible. The only time Charles Wax tried explaining it to James we heard it through James high on Coke fuzzy head. Even the speech le finale(you know there's always that last bit of time b4 the coúp de grace where bad guy explains his reason for wanting to destroy the world!) was not worthy of 90mins of film reel. The bad guy admittedly was a good surprise and the movie surely reinforced all our ideas about terrorists -  they are Pakistani, Muslim, have hearts of stone, and always ready to give their life for the cause. *cough*

It had its good bits but please watch only when you have borrowed freely from a friend like moi.
*hiss* what’s with the reviewers on imdb asking for a possible sequel??????



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