Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Back off plan

I always have all this big plans for the weekend but when its Saturday, I just can't get my lazybones off the bed. You don't blame me… trying to catch up on the lives of all these lovely and interesting bloggers [Solomonsydelle, Myne Whitman, Sugabelly, Melissa, Original Mgbeks, Chaotic order, Talkaholic, Naija daydreamer[and I've just discovered hilarious Niceanon, MamujeAnother shot] and the latest goings-on in Naija via 234next, then penning a byte or two myself. And before you know it, the sun is high in the sky, you eat a heavy breakfast and sleep calls once again.

I missed out on watching Iron Man 2 at Genesis Cinema yesterday with Jun and Al. Got my derriere off the bed at 1.20pm, got into the bedroom and the spirit of scrubbing come over me. by the time I got out it was 2.30pm [movie was for 2pm], so I decided to chill and go meet them around 4 when the movie would be over.
So to compensate myself, I started downloading a movie before I left, knowing it would be ready when I get back. Thumbs up DOPC!
Movie: The Backup plan.  I am not a great fan of Jennifer Lopez. I think she is a mediocre actress. Better as a singer. But her poor acting skills have been saved innumerable times by great romcom scripts like Monster in law, Wedding planner. And though her role was short in Jersey girl, she was quite memorable. Maybe it was the hair?
The Backup plan was cheesy over loaded with clichés and like soo predictable. Each scene was a déjà vu from some other romcom.
Great talkative dorky friend
Gay male friend
Grandma/Aunty with all the cliché phrases
Last minute Damascus scenes
Wonderful tear your clothes off sex on first/second date
Labor pains starting during an auspicious occasion guess wedding birthday
The race to the car/airport/bus/train station to say I love you

The heart stealer who wasn't given room to flourish was Nuts the Boston terrier on wheels. Well, I just found out that there were three of 'em dogs [real names Nip, Tuck and Nubbins] acting as Nuts and none of them were actually disabled. Hurray![ I kept wondering how they did the major and minor in those contraptions??]
 Jennifer and Nuts just didnt have chemistry shaa. and thats sad cos we could have gotten some real laffs from the dog(s). Maybe the dogs knew she was a fake. I dont think she really liked dogs. She was supposed to be a pet store owner and a pet owner and yet could barely show any love to her disabled pet dog??.

Poor JG4M. I put him through the 106 mins of iit. His comment "This movie was written to scare men. It's a horror movie". Lol

Well, sorry I burst your bubbles about this movie. If you are a die-hard Romcom fan, you might still find something to love…..and of course if you love animals like yours truly you might watch it just for Nuts sake!
Y'all have a great week ahead.

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