Sunday, May 30, 2010

Long Movie Weekend

JG4M is out of town and it’s seems I have forgotten how to live with myself as company. Didn’t know I would miss his company that much. I had been thinking that I needed me some ‘me’ time. Well I’ve got it for a month and It feels strange. lol.  Well, at least one thing remains steady, comfort movie watching lol.
Thought I will change the way I review movies. Make it less verbose.
Wow factor:
Urgh factor:
Did you have to:
My score:
So here goes
Plot: Havent we all read about or heard about Alice?
WoW factor:  I loved the the book as a child and never got to see the earlier movie versions so this was like a story come true seeing those much loved [Cheshire cat, Mad Hatter, Dormouse, Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum] and hated [The Queen, The Knave of Hearts, The cards] come alive. The colors were sharp and vibrant. Felt like a child in wonderland. Do note that Alice in Wonderland [2010] is a sequel to the original series cause Alice is older now…a bride to be in fact! Johnny Depp stole my heart as the Mad Hatter. Mia Wasikowska [Alice] performance was excellent too. It was a perfect balance of childlikeness and maturity!
Urgh factor: None at all
Did you have to: make Alice go back? Sorta liked the idea of a romance with Mad Hatter
Ginger Scores it 7/10. Well I’m biased. Go watch!

Plot: Honeymooners on an beach Hawaii find out that there are murderers about. And they begin to suspect each other.
WoW Factor: The scenery man! And the two lead actresses: Milla Jovovich and Kiele Sanchez. I loved the chase and fight scenes. It was so un-catfight like. You know the way producers usually portray girl fights. I also loved the romance btw Nick and Gina. It was worthy!
Urgh factor: Why didn’t I cotton unto the fact that Steve Zahn had issues. He looked weird from the start.*oops spoiler*
Did you have to: nope. No fail plot really….
Ginger Scores it: 6.5/10 It was clever as thrillers go.

Plot: Leonard is determined to avenge his wife's murder. But was she really murdered? or did he kill her. Worse he sustained a short term memory loss which means he can't remember anything that happens day-to-day.
WoW factor: The mental disorder Leonard [Guy Pearce] was suffering from. The elusive murderer John G, the 'caring' Natalie. You have to keep remembering that his memory is really short span. And that the colored scenes go backwards while the black and white bits go forward. Sorta confusing but when I finally ‘got it’…Everything made perfect sense! Just remember that the first scene is the sequel to the last scene.
Urgh Factor: None really..but that scene where Natalie tests his memory by spitting into his coffee was gross! But it was also a defining moment.
Did you have to: nope. No fail plot!
Ginger Scores it: 7.8/10

Plot: errr.....Bad man wants to destroy Iron man and rule the world. Iron man won't let him.
WoW factor: A whooping $200m was spent making this movie. Well, the new Iron man suit was shinier and more swaggerish right wasn’t it? Seems I’m on the female side again but Scarlett Johanssen as a kick-ass detective was a sight for sore eyes. I hope to see her in a female superhero role in the future. She’s got what it takes. Robert Downey Jnr was hot and smoking [no pun intended] as always, but methinks his character had more depth and charisma in Sherlock Holmes.
Urgh factor: Too much metal and burning and strobe lights. And what’s up with Don Cheadle? Even the iron man suit couldn’t elicit a spark from him.
Did you have to: make this sequel? Really I feel it is/was over rated!
Ginger Scores it: 5.5/10

Plot: The triumph of Obese abused teen mom Precious from a life many would have nightmares about.
WoW factor: Precious movie! Did I cry? Yep I did. At the Precious who could not think of ‘anything she was good at’. That hit me that someone could lack that much of self confidence. Monique was unrecognizable in Precious. She really lived the role. From the bad hair, to the blotchy skin to the trashy dressing, to the speech [hello! where is the fashionable and powdered to a ‘T’ Monique I know and love2hate?]. But the movie just grips you. An hr after it ended, I was still sighin about Precious’ childhood. Please Lord have mercy on all the kids going through situations like this today. Give them some hope.
Urgh factor: Gabourey Sidibe needs to loose some weight. For real.
Did you have to: Add HIV infection to her woes? Felt it was an overkill
Ginger Scores it: 8/10

Plot: How does a classy pretty chic do when pregnancy ensues after a one night stand with an un-eligible bachelor guy.
WoW factor: Saw good reviews about this movie and knew I had to watch it. I do love RomComs but I really feel this was edgier. It was so down to earth. So believable. And without being preachy it addressed all the hot issues: unprotected sex, pro-choice, body-imaging as per her workplace, male taking responsibility, females and their ideas of what a perfect man is, an overworked doctor doing his job. The list goes on. And the labor scene? Was one of the most realistic I have seen*where was the blood and gore anyway*. There was a lotta yelling but it never felt comic. You just sorta bonded with her. Ben grew up and became the kinda man you could think of forever with. While bitchy Debbie clearly showed that she liked a man in control which her husband wasn’t.
Urgh factor: Ben and jobless friends. Really??
Did you have to: show us all those male crotches in loose spandex?
Ginger Scores it: 7.24/10. For a romcom, I would willingly watch it all over again

Sweeny Todd: The Demon barber of Fleet street
Plot: Mr Todd comes home after 15 years in exile burning with revenge for the men who stole his life and family.
WoW factor:  Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Cartier! Was a pleasant surprise to meet this two again in stellar performances. I had had the movie file for over 6 months but was just too scared to watch it. But after all the romcoms, I needed me a little thrill and gore. Sweeny Todd delivered! Great Plot, Romance, Revenge, Tragedy, Gore, Humor [When Mrs Lovett suggested using the bodies as meat I almost convulsed with laughter]. The murders were not nice at all. But the orangey colored blood somewhat reduced the horror factor. Would I watch it again? YES. Cause I really want to get all the lyrics especially the conversations between Mr. T and Mrs Lovett. The score was brilliant. I’ve loved the song “Not While I’m around” forever; never knew the origin was from the Broadway production of Sweeny Todd [1979]
Have I raved enough about this movie? I think so
Urgh factor: Mrs Lovett most unsanitary pies.
Did you have to: let Mr. T kill his wife, never meet his daughter. I could understand his reason for pursuing revenge, though I hated the fact that he lost focus and just become ‘evil’ but wasn’t there a little redemption?
Ginger Scores it 8/10

Plot: A journey with three friends as they pass through life's rites of passage: marriage, war and death...and realise that life is never the same after it.
WoW factor: Was there ever really a wow moment? This movie was high drama and some minimal action especially the Russian roulette games. I have never liked war themed movies especially those based on real life wars [World War 1 & 2] and this one, Vietnam. My WoW moment was when I compared the wedding party scene when all the friends were together getting married, cavorting, drunk on their high dreams of serving in the army then the last dinner scene a couple of years after [last scene] when they were together again. With some people missing and those left behind each carrying physical and invincible scars which can never be healed. You totally understand why the Soldier at the bar[wedding party] made that ‘Fuck It’ toast. Young Robert de Niro was a velly velly handsome man!
Urgh factor: Too many dysfunctional people. I do understand….it was war time and a small community.
Did you have to: make the wedding party scene last 55mins. I almost gave up on the movie at this point.
Ginger scores it: 6.1/10.

So, have you seen these movies. What did you think?

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  1. I only saw 'A perfect getaway' and 'Knocked up'. I liked Knocked up, and thought a perfect getaway was blehhh. I'm not the biggest movie watcher sha...



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