Thursday, May 13, 2010

Man Vending Machines

World’s strangest vending machines
From pizza to a bar of gold, the oddest items — instantly

"If you find yourself in Milan’s Malpensa airport—or a few other places around Italy—you can watch as your dough is kneaded, your desired toppings doled out, and your pizza bakes ... all in just under three minutes. But if you’re hoping to watch a real Italian pie guy work his magic, you’ll have to go somewhere else—this pizza’s made entirely inside a vending machine".

I saw this in the news today. These vending machines are not woman-friendly. Single girls in the house yay, we need a man vending machine right?
And in the spirit of fairness, you are allowed only four toppings:
1.      Richy
2.      Hunky Hunk
3.      Witty
4.      Ambitious
5.      Dresser
6.      Monogamous
7.      Orgasmic
8.      Creamy
9.      Chocolate

Gimme some 3, 4,  6, 7 please. Lol. Whats your pick?



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