Sunday, May 16, 2010

Movie Weekend

This little girl Chloe Moretz has kicked the ass of every adult Female Superhero I have seen to date to the curb. She was focused, cute, vulnerable and kicked ass without mercy, nor did she ask for. Her mission was bigger than her and I think thats what makes a SuperHero not voluptuous bodies in skin hugging outfits slinking all over the place. No apologies Elecktra, Lara the Tomb raider, Aeon Flux, Batwoman, CatWoman.
But on to serious matters, I half agreed with this review in "Rotten tomatoes interesting 'Hit Girl flips like a gymnast, curses like a sailor, kills like a maniac and ignites yet another useful if irresolvable debate on the limits of screen violence, the desensitization of the culture and the wisdom of exploiting children for entertainment". 
I found the first scene when Hit-girl[a 10yr old] graphically murdered 7 men disturbing but.... decided to carry- go jare[continue] and enjoy the movie.
 But people, this internet age na wa. Did you find it unfunny that when Kick-ass was defending the guy against the 2 goons, that all them kids were watching and videoing the action instead of helping or calling the police?? Okay maybe they called the police, but the look of fascination on their faces was more like 'Yay, real live action men!! Talk about Zombie nation. God help us. Rating despite disturbing image ;-) 8.8/10
So JG4M wanted to see this and I initially left him to it, but changed my mind 15 mins after. So I missed some of the great action at the beginning. Still didnt detract from the beauty of this movie. Its supposed to be 3D but I didnt need that to enjoy the flawless choreography from Vincent Zhao and Andy Yo. Add some dark magic to that, some psychoses, drunken martial arts and you have a great story which only Asians could pull off. It would have looked ridiculous if Hollywood. Michelle Yeoh [Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger] made a thankless cameo appearance. I was actually looking forward to some sword fight from her: alas she vanished the way she came. my rating: 7.2/10
I watched this movie[1950] based on The Fiendish's recommendation and I must admit it was a simple but deceptively complex and most thought provoking movie about what truth is. And how human perspective influences what we really see and what we think we saw. A Samurai's dead body is found and his wife admits that she was raped by a notorious bandit, Tajomaru. Who killed the Samurai is the mystery we are left with. 4 people a wood cutter, the wife, the bandit and the slain man's spirit tell us what transpired from their own perspectives. 3 of them claim to be the killer. And the killer was......well, I cant tell you cos i don't know. methinks it was a suicide. Watch it and make up your own mind...if you can.
Another blogger gave this movie a not so positive review and this put me off the movie somewhat for 7wks [the file was moulding in my movie folder]. And was she wrong [this applies to my reviews too u know]. It was a good movie admittedly not as great as the hype but still. An amazing performance from Shah Rukh Khan as a man suffering from Asperger's syndrome who is telling post 9/11 America not to judge him by his Muslim name. Yeah, it was a sobfest, full of info about the syndrome and chock-full of heart. Rating 6.7/10 And guess who made an appearance in the movie albeit a small part as a young Rizwan Khan...Tanay Chheda [Middle Jamal in Slum dog millionaire]. Hope he makes it good in movies [if thats his dream]. 
Go watch people. I must have lucked out to have seen all these lovely movies this weekend. Puts me in a great mood for work hehehe. Y'll have a great week ahead.


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