Saturday, May 8, 2010

Origin of Rape: Male Brain

Just had to blog about this.

I came across this satirical piece from Choices Campus . Though its meant to be funny somewhat, i felt it was oh so true! In fact lets quote from the Bible.."If your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off". I wouldn't recommend penile excision [polite way of saying ..chopping off you penis] but the guy who is inclined to think nasty thoughts about a woman who he is with, or who isn't with him aka stranger should make an effort to save himself from his vile habits period!

From the recent news about a cleric in Iran who said that immodestly dressed women are the cause of recent seismic activities aka earthquakes [ever heard of silliness??] to the yet to be totally Exterminated Nudity bill to the late Miss Grace Ushang who was raped and killed for dressing immodestly [wearing trousers] in a Muslim dominated state in Nigeria, I think its high time, men started taking responsibility for their actions and leave womenfolk's wardrobe alone!!

Top Ten Strategies That Are Guaranteed To Stop Rape Every Time

1. When you see a woman walking alone after dark do not assault her.

2. As a general rule do not have sex with someone unless they are awake and agree to what is happening

3. Always use the buddy system. If you do not think you can resist the urge to sexually assault someone, ask a friend to accompany you when you go out in public or to parties.

4. When buying someone a drink, deliver the beverage to them without adding a roofie or any other drug.

5. If your date or anyone else falls asleep on your couch while walking a movie, remember to not assault them.

6. When you feel the urge to rape someone blow the whistle so that your buddy from strategy number 3 can call for help. If help does not arrive fast enough, spray the pepper spray directly into your eyes.

8. If you are hired by a woman to perform a service at her house, be sure to provide the requested service and then exit the house without raping her.

9. If you find yourself following a woman in her car, immediately turn your car in the direction of the nearest police or fire station station and notify authorities about your desire to rape. Also before you leave a parking lot, be sure to check your back seat for any one who you might be trying to abduct and sexually assault. Set any unwilling passengers free without assaulting them before driving away.

10. Watch for signs of miscommunication with friends. If somebody asks to spend the night at your house or asks them to walk you across campus at night it is probably an indication that they think you will not rape them. Clearly state your intentions so they know what to expect. Also be sure to send clear signals about your desires before going on a date. Let the other person know that you expect the evening to end with a sexual assault. If you do not clearly indicate your intentions, the other person may misinterpret it as a sign that you do not intend to sexually assault them.

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