Thursday, May 6, 2010

OVeer Salman Khan Crush

Dear Salman,
My crush on you (3months old) is officially over over Veer. I just watched your latest offering and your primping, preening, constant side glances, inimitable grunts and hair flicks (haba I was almost expecting you to run your fingers through your hair (a.k.a Soul Glo in Coming to America) just had my goat.

Veer reminded me of all the things I don’t like about Bollywood: dumb beautiful female leads whose range of acting skills don’t stretch beyond smiling and crying and of course hip shaking.
Then the story...Would have been an unforgettable epic if it had more depth.
I could relate to the angst of the Pindaris against Madhavgarh's King(help!!!) but in most of the movie, they were depicted as a merry drinking singing prank playing tribe with no culture that made you yearn for them to have their independence. Compare this to the Samurais in the last samurai, Pandora tribe in Avatar, The tribe in Braveheart. Those were great traditions, so special you want them to continue with it undisturbed by all this modernity. I could actually imagine being in the British shoes. I would be itching to whip them into colonial subservience. Ok that was politically incorrect..forgive. no other nation or tribe has the right to impose their way of thinking or customs on another!

I digress, back to Veer. How old was he supposed to be in this movie? 18-25 I assume. But with all the airbrushing and best side view shots sic, He looked 34 to me(and you know that 10 yrs off his age is great) and thus too old for that role. My opinion...what’s yours?
The constant fights between dad and son were supposed to be endearing ehh? Okay. But didn’t you feel the foolishness of that last fight between Prithvi and Veer? Didn’t your hand itch to slap some sense into their heads? Didn’t it just negate all that ‘love you till I die’ notion they were initially showing?
The songs and dance…..I think they were time fillers. To justify 2.45 hrs of my time.
I will not deny that I admire greatly  Salman’s physique (come hug me muscle man) and that he can move that body in dance BUT He could have done better in Veer with stronger direction me thinks. And to think they call this movie his "Magnus Opus" in lay terms Masterpiece. errr..come again

Maybe I should just simply accept him as Bollywood’s own Arnold Schwarznegger(ok ok forgive me  Schwarz was never a great dancer (Twins?) or get my meaning)……a.k.a Action Hero and stop looking for deeper nuances in his acting.
The most memorable part of this movie was the Surili Akhiyon Wale song. It is haunting me. Two weeks after watching Veer and I can still remember it. That’s a feat for a song that I only know the first line “Everytime I look into your eyes, I see my paradise” JG4M has downloaded it for me. Also “Gimme some sunshine” from 3 Idiots. Sweetums.


  1. hmmm, something tells me that your annoyance with this actor will not last for too long. He just needs the right movie to make it up to you, shebi?


    Thanks so much for swinging by my Easier blog and leaving a comment. Much appreciated.


  2. Solomonsydelle on my! highly honored. I do 'vewwy' regularly swing by ur blog but unless you start giving prices for the last commenter you 'd probably not know:-).
    If u'd seen the movie then you'll understand my vex with crush.
    Do you watch Indian movies?



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