Monday, May 10, 2010

Random Q and A

  1.      When did you last get drunk?  At my bff hen party October 2008. And I have the pictures on face book to prove it!
  2.             Who was the last person you yelled at? Some chic owing me money and had the gall to give me conditions for payment. wtf?
  3.        When did you last cry at a movie? January. Avatar. Why did those brutes have to destroy Pandora?
  4.        When were you last recognized in public? Me, nobody knows me
  5.        When was your last major shopping extravagance? Dec 08…shit that long?
  6.        Who is the last person you regret giving your telephone number to? Some guy I met under a rainy day who then proceeded to call me 15 times a day.
  7.       Where was the last place you went out to dinner? The Chinese Restaurant in MegaPlaza
  8.       The last memorable book you read? Cathy Kelly –‘What She Wants’
  9.        When did you last dance? 65 minutes ago. I always have a reason to dance everyday even if it’s for 45 secs. But a boogey down till you bones cry ‘no more?’ Aug 2009. Dr T’s birthday party
  10.        Who was the last famous person you met? RMD. He was sitting adjacent to me at the Chinese place. Guy is still a hunk and a half [Q4].
  11.         What is the last thing you want to hear from your parents? “I didn’t give birth to you to waste your future with that Hausa/China/Edo ‘non-Ibo’ man” cos I know that shall be the beginning of a separation...
  12.         When did you last go for a walk? I walk a 100m distance from my house to the bus stop in the morning and same again in the evening. That counts right?
  13.         When did you last do your ironing? Yesterday L
  14.         When was the last time you ate junk food? Like….. this morning. Chocolate chip cookies.
  15.         When was the last time you smiled all day? 3 weeks back at my nonprofit Organization’s fundraising. My boss gave me this real public thumbs up that made the poor pay and stress all worthwhile plus a N1m donation.
  16.        What did you do last night? You really wanna know? Watched a movie…
          Go on…..NaijaMomAbroad, Mamuje, Harry, Tata,

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