Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sex and Icecream

A convo that ensued between Prof (online flirtmate) and I……

Whats good?
I smell rain here. just hoping it waits till I get under cover       
under the duvet?      
roof, duvet, pant, in that order      
under whose pant now?       
Thot it should be "in" their pant      
Like me getting in your pant or in your hair           
if you re lucky to get to that position,      
you wont be correcting my grammar,       
Or under your skin.
action will speak louder than oyibo          
It takes luck then?     
entertainment value
You just made reference to "lucky" 
You'd get entertained. I'm sure about that         
talk is cheap  
But hang on a sec       
Does the onus to please lie on the man? Must we do all the work? How come women always think we get down to get them entertained? I am getting really sexist now 
sorry I wasnt the one that invented the act of sex         
or the physical mechanism of it. but from what i have seen, males do most of the work. man, dog, horse, chicken          
so ka anyi nu nti, you re not that special    
we have not told you to get pregnant, have we?
I ain't doing no work  
I'll only have fun       
since its so much fun, what’s your beef then at doing the work?    
U do the work
I'll enjoy the fruits of your labour   
That's the way it should be     
but really, why should there be so much work involved in that act?   
why isnt it like eating a tub of ice-cream 
now that would have induced worldwide sex hysteria   
U know nah   
We'd have been doing it anywhere & everywhere 
But it's a special act  
Spiritual, if u ask me 
So, it requires specialised skills        
and planned approach         
even eating ice cream has a planned approach in case you didnt know          
specialised skills?      
Save up to buy the ice cream   
on the planned day  
not in all cases          
lol..In cash or diet points
rush off from work to the grocery
I won't have to          
sorry slim fit Ogaranya  [means rich man]     
spending an hr gazing at the various selections 
is akin to foreplay    
An hour?    
your hands linger over the different packs        
That's if it's your 1st time there?        
Or u are indecisive at your very core           
not necessarily         
Its cos you re reminiscing     
I disagree       
hmm I loved banana           
Both are incomparable         
apple hit me in the all the right spots       
peanut left me high and dry          
Well, ok          
Maybe for women      
strawberry was…delish       
I make up my mind before going out          

get the drift? akin to comparing former positions tried                        
or past boyfriends lol
Not akin to anything
I disagree       
you disagree?           
she finally makes her choice          
it may a flavor once tasted and liked        
or it may be something entirely diff         
pays, and off she goes        
spends her time in the bus/train indulging         
I agree  
her thots..thinking of that 1st spoonful   
Will u stop now?       
gets home, off to the freezer           
Oh dear!         
well, if its a quickie, she's opening it right there and then for a spoon or 3   
or if she's got some control and believes in savoring things'   
goes for a warm bath          
wears some satinknickers     
U are a nut case        
Slots in some yet to be seen Romcom in the DVD          
U deliberately trying to get me on? 
and let the party begin! 
No, I am not      
but I suddenly realised that sex-y can be found anywhere       


  1. haha, was this a conversation between a guy friend or girl friend? didn't get it, but it was fun trying to crack the codes and stuff.

    you rock!

  2. o, wait. it's between Prof and u.... saw it now. didn't see it...and i wear specs, wow!

  3. lol. One of those random conversations!! Don't you agree that the joy of ice cream super-cedes all that male-female nonsense?

  4. Oh lawd! Now i know what i'll be thinking of when next i eat or see someone eating ice cream



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