Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bottoms up, Thumbs down

Went movie slumming last night. I watched a movie which I knew bombed and which dear girlfriend Angie had begged me not to waste precious 90mins of my life on- “Bottoms up”.
Story: A Minnesota bartender travels to Los Angeles with his gay uncle to fulfill a promise and in the process meets and falls for a spoilt heiress.

I have never had the displeasure of watching Paris Hilton act except for a few minutes of her and Ray J (ewwww). Hence I was looking for a reason to redeem my image of her as a blonde 'thinbo'.
Well, Bottoms up wasn’t as bad as they said. The plot was run of the mill, but I have seen worse. Uncle Earl though he grated on my nerves at the beginning with his-too obvious made to laugh lines saved this movie from oblivion. The male lead, Jason Jewes was uninspiring, wooden and not exactly crush worthy. (American Samurai?? Bad cop??)
Paris Hilton starred as Lisa Mancini, Jason's love interest- the spoilt heiress with a controlling father who moves under a cloud of gossip/rumors (about her relationships, body size)spread by magazines, friends and haters.…does this remind you of someone we know?

Hilton’s acting skills? Errrr, I liked her brunette.

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