Sunday, June 27, 2010


I’m watching FIDO and finding it absolutely hilarious!
Plot: Set in the 1950’s, in other to keep up with the Jones, a family takes in a zombie as a help/child minder/gardener.
Son and Mother get too friendly with the zombie fondly called Fido leading to all sorts of zombie-nastic complications.
WoW: If ever there was a family themed zombie movie with zombies who are actually ..likable this is it.
Urgh: The scene where the little boy whacked zombied Mrs Henderson to death with a shovel. (They even showed the decapitated head!) Wasn’t that a violent act for a little boy? And they are giving such horrible reviews about darling Hit girl in Kick ass. Player haters!
If you can abide a little gore and lots of humor go watch. It’s a treat….
Preliminary scores: 7/10


  1. What? I've never heard of this? Where can I find it? It sounds awesome. Please don't say it's on HBO!

    - Margaret

  2. Thanks for stopping by Nana Margaret:-)
    Yes it was on cable. HBO for you, Nilesat for me.

    Maybe you try Netflix?

  3. Netflix! YESSS!!!! I just added it to my queue. And it's available via Instant Watch - even better!

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