Sunday, June 20, 2010

Movie weekend: The best of the rest

WoW: The premise of the plot: The importance of preserving the Holy Book was a beautiful one [yea I am biased]. Denzel’s performance as the lone man who seeks to protect this last copy of man’s guide to wisdom and law was excellent. So too Mila Kunis and Jennifer Beals. And for a plot that was about the Holy Book it was great that there was no religious posturing which would have detracted from the movie. BUT.. this movie sure requires the “suspense of disbelief” and logic for any viewer to enjoy it. I lacked that!
  Eli was blind. Or virtually impaired yet was accurately killing enemies left right and c enter[check out that scene where he nailed the guys trying to rape Solara. Right in the center of their necks ..with an arrow??]
  The truck Eli and Solara drove didn’t run outta fuel, but Carnegie’s did?
  Solara was holding an ipod at the end of the movie.Ipod? Ipod? Remember George and Martha cranking out music from the juke box? Remember the ancient printing press being used at the . so where did the ipod a modern day machine come from??
  Eli had been on the road for 30 years. Come on people. Didn’t someone edit that script. 30 years is a lifetime!
Urgh: Yeah I know it was post apocalypse..but that sepia toned world was quite depressing. Okay, enough.
Ginger scores it: 6.3/10
 A convict, one of the survivors of a biological apocalypse on earth is sent to the past to find out the origin of the virus so they can formulate a cure from it’s pure specimen.
Even if you don’t totally understand it initially [like me] , you interest is held captive. By the last 20 mins I was 25cm away from the TV screen.
WoW factor: This was one of my more understandable time travel movie. [preferred it to Time Traveler’s wife [loved it but it did get confusing] and The lake House]. I liked how the plot wraps up together in the end quite quite perfectly. Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Madeleine Stowe were the life blood of this movie. Bruce the left aorta, Brad the pulmonary vein and Madeleine the carotid artery.
Urgh: That wig and moustache on dear Bruce
Why did they have to put that ugly hair and moustache on Bruce?
Trivia: Bruce forget he was in the past on a fact finding mission not prevention or corrective. I think that was what led to the sad passé. And I think that’s what explained the airport dreams he was having. It was a premonition. What do you think? 
Ginger scores it 8.5/10
 A masked man revisits and re-enacts Guy Fawkes day in UK focusing on eliminating a breed of corrupt leaders ranging from the politics, TV to religion who had shaped his future by their Totalitarian rule.
WoW factor: I remember when this movie previews were being shown back in 2005. I was intrigued by the sweeping red and black colors. didn’t know it will take me 5 yrs to get round to watching it.
Excellently plotted. I fell in love with the masked man V his ideals, his vendetta. And you know what else, I respected the mystery of the face behind the mask.  I didn’t want to have to feel for him. Did Natalie Portman really cut her hair? For that alone I give her a glorious A++ and her acting 105%. Norseman and Screed were eminently hateable.
The sword play was excellent. The killings were gorifyingly satisfying :-d
But more than all this, V spoke to me. His broadcast speech can be replayed in 150 countries round the world right now and it will still be meaningful. I wanted to be a part of that masked revolution on Nov.4th! that was how I was moved.
Urgh: I never saw it nor did i want to see it, but I kept imagining how gruesome the face under tht mask would have been. Talk about fixation. Why didn’t V think of plastic surgery??
Trivia: Hugo Weaving "V" was Aberline in Wolfman. Grr love to hate. And has done a number of voice overs[Megatron in Transformers: revenge of the fallen, Elrond in Lord of the rings. Happy feet. He’s quite good. Why aren’t they using him more?
Ginger scores it 9.5/10

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