Sunday, June 6, 2010

Movie weekend

What does a girl do when her peeps are unavailable for hanging out on a lovely weekend?? Lie back and watch movies that's what; afterall she has a weekend movie review to write doesn’t she?

The movie acronym was YPF. When I googled the initials and found out the full meaning I was a bit taken apart…porn? Then I checked out its genre on IMDB. Was it about ….? Yes! It was about sex and all the hang-ups that could prevent couples from having great sex but presented in funny scenarios. I could actually relate.
There were 5 stories involving:
The best friends [male and female] who wanted to take their friendship in another direction…
The Exes who wanted to give it another chance. Harrumph!
The first date involving two colleagues at work [one a notorious playboy and the new girl at work]
The insecure couple who invite a roommate for a threesome.
The long term couple who decide to try some new tricks in bed.
Wow factor: This movie had me giggling hysterically and some scenes gave me déjà vu lol. Hmmm which couple did I like best? The flatmates/Insecure couple or the long term couple? 
go watch and find out... 
Ginger scores it: 6.8/10.

English aristocrat Lady Sarah Ashley embarks on an African Queen like journey to Farney down, North Australia to bring back her philandering husband only to meet him dead and discover some bad business going on at the farm she has now inherited. The name Australia represents her life changing experience.
WoW factor: Well… the cattle drive to Darwin was a scene stealer. I also enjoyed the lovely landscape scenes from Australia and period costumes.
The story was simple and pleasantly engaging enough but epic it was not.
Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman were great together. Heard Russell Crowe was initially billed to play ‘Drover’. Errr no Thank you and Thank God.
Urgh factor: the movie lasted a good 2.45hrs. why? What were they thinking? Movie should have ended when they returned to the farm after the ball. The last 50 mins was extraneous. By the 1.58hr, Nullah’s precociousness started getting on my nerves.
Why did they have to make: all the nice ugly people die. Overkill. Almost ran like a Danielle steel book. The war sequence did not add value.
Ginger scores it: 5.6/10

The 1.8m Prawn-like Aliens who are State guests in South Africa have overstayed their welcome and are causing annoyances to the citizens. bumbling Wikus Van de Merve’s [MNU field agent in charge of the relocation project] efforts to relocate them to another district comes with disastrous consequences.
Wowfactor: There was use of a documentary style shooting which caught me off guard at the beginning but which I found to be effective. I felt like I was watching a local news footage thus making it much more realistic. The Aliens were unlike any I had ever seen. Ingenious.
Nick was a a Sweetie who deserved better. Loved him! Plot was brilliant. Wahoo South Africa!
Urgh Factor: The slums the aliens lived in.
Why did they have to call them hustlers ‘Nigerians’. Seriously. Should have called them Iboriens [biko nu - pls don’t stone me]. really.  I could see some ‘son of the soil traits’ in the sales MO.
Ginger scores it: 7.5/10

Scott and friends travel cross country style to Germany to meet up with Scott’s German pen girlfriend, Mieke.
WoW factor: Hilarious movie. The comedy wasn’t slapstick like comedy in high school movies are [American pie 1-7 anyone??]. There were actually humorous and almost believable situations. From ‘Scotty doesn’t know’ to the maniac ManU fan club to the gay on the train to seeing the Absynthe fairy to the nude beach to Bratislava, should I go on….I was in stitches throughout. Teen-hormone fuelled stupidity at its best!
Great performances from all the main cast: Predictable Scott, Wiseass Cooper, Uptight Jamie and Tom-budding vixen Jenny.
Urgh factor: All those male danglies at the nude beach
Why did you have to: make Scott travel to Europe to apologise to Mieke when he could have sent her an email from another account duh?!
Ginger Scores it: 6.9/10. I’m easy to please innit!

[A feat, watching it for the 6th time] Tristen crosses the wall to seek a fallen star for his beloved Victoria. He gets to fight witches, meet his mom and uncles, a gay Sea Captain and find his real love!
Wow factor: Fantasy and adventure don’t get any better. Odd character role for Robert de Niro but he does it so well[flamboyant sissy captain]. Michele Pfeiffer hasn’t lost her looks nor her acting skills. Tristan is a cutie and the fallen star was good too. I loved the Royal brothers and their comic ghostly other selves. When you’re not sure who has died, just watch out for the new face in the ghostly company.
Urgh factor: none none none none none none
Why did you have to: no fail scene.
Ginger scores it: 7.4/10

This movie has been mentioned like a thousand times in reviews and posts that I looked forward to seeing something really wunnerful. My first attempt at watching it was on Wednesday. I fell asleep  30mins into it. So I tried it again today.
Plot: Boy meets Girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesn’t. And even though you feel like dying a million times life goes on.
Wow factor: nothing really. The plot is a page/scene/500 days of everybody’s life at some point. Maybe that was the appeal for movie lovers. Duh. Been there. Done that. Get over it.
Urgh factor: The ‘she’s not that into you’ factor was so obvious. That you wondered what was the point of the relationship from the start. I also felt like hitting Guy on the head several times.
Ginger scores it: 5.5/10

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