Saturday, June 5, 2010

Night out with Zizi Cardow

I was at Zizi Cardow’s 10th anniversary at Eko le’ Meridien [the weekend before the last last one] courtesy of my trendy girlfriend Jun who works at Flair Magazine formerly known as ‘True Love’ and gets all the correct invites while I sheepishly tag along.
What people wore
Thankfully I had this pretty dress which had not been ‘launched’ so I had no bad wardrobe moments.
Invitees were dressed up to the nines. (you know how it is when going to an event hosted by a designer, you tend to want to dress to outshine her creations if possible). Mostly gowns, little black dresses, stylishly made ankaras and a few in fancy pants. Hair and make-up were on point for most……except these two Oyibo brunettes wearing cotton Capri pants and jersey tops??? I felt it was rude to say the least to come to such an event without dressing up. Haba, do up your hair, put some make-up on, if you must do jeans; a long cut style and a nice top will do. msheew.
Who was there
Olisa Adibua and Michele Dede were the comperes and I must say they did a great job. Michele wore a shooort navy blue gown [Zizi’s creation I’m sure] which showed off her amazing Amazonian legs! I mean that in the nicest way: shapely, strong and able. lol
Social recluse that I am, I barely recognized Funmi Davies, Bisi Sowemimo, Kel, and Denrele [Jun nearly had a fit when I asked who the effeminate guy was] Forgive. She was like ‘Gal you need to go out more’. But I am proud to say I recognized Kenneth Okolie [Mr. Nigeria]and the 2nd runner up too(whatshisname) who modeled at the event.
The 36 hopefuls for the Miss Nigeria title were also in attendance. Seated in the 3 rows in front of moi. Wish them well.
This had a strong African theme. From the sensational arty dance group based in Lagos, to the female singing group from Edo, then the duo who performed a track in memory of the late Dagrin [song went well till they started some loud ‘dry’ sobbing at the…nollywood??].
Kel’s performance was impeccable…..though her errr hair wasn’t.
Looking at the pictures….so Omotola was there hmmm. Didnt notice. Omawunmi too?
The runway
Zizi did not disappoint with her designs. They were flamboyant, outrageous, quirky but largely wearable [rather tame infact] for Zizi. Errr except for the bikini models. Cough cough, am I the only one who thinks bikini wearing is a strange part of African runaways. For all my westernization it just jarred on my nerves. Double standards? Cause I don’t feel the same when I see it in Western Movies. I also wondered what her parents [they were there] and coterie of aunties thought… but my overall impressions about Zizi was a focused, determined and passionate woman in contrast to my earlier impressions of a crazy one.
I really wish her more evolutions to her elbow.

p.s. I do wish I had taken more pictures. But that would have taken my gaucheness to new levels and embarrassed Jun to no end.

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