Wednesday, June 23, 2010

No Ovation for Dele Momodu

Chief Dele Momodu is the publisher and brain behind Ovation Magazine a glossy whose main focus is the celebration of Africa. Bob Dee as he’s called by friends, claims his desire was to publish an African magazine for Africans and create a forum where the real picture of Africa would be presented to the world.
The glossy magazine shows with crisp, clear pictures that Africa was not all about war and disease. That we had brilliant minds, creative businessmen and millions of people who through sound education and hardwork live well and celebrate life.[Yes o!]
Its been 14 years since the first publication and Ovation still waxes strong. It now has offices in 10 countries in Africa, and has covered events in over 56 countries globally.
I have no issues with Ovation. I think its one of the top 5 Nigerian Glossies. I can’t remember when I last bought one though. Cos…. I got tired of seeing offsprings of the men and women who are raping and battering Nigeria draped in diamond and gold bought off the suffering of the masses being celebrated in its pages. The most celebrated weddings in Ovation have been of Abacha/Babangida/Ibori/Igbenedion’s children. I used to be awed. But now I curse.

Why this post? At the Hair Saloon on Sunday, for want of reading material to keep me busy while I waited for a free stylist, I picked up the recent issue of City People.
Chief Momodu granted an interview recently to City People[another Nigerian mag] it seems in commemoration of his 50th birthday. That he should choose City people as a medium to announce his presidential ambition was interesting. Maybe cos he knows that City People has a wider reach than Ovation. That if he had announced his ambition on Ovation, 149m Nigerians may never see it; after all, how many can afford his N2000 apiece Magazine?

I digress. Highlights of the Interview with Bobdee's responses highlighted.

My prayer for those who hate Ovation Magazine and don’t like it is, God will never give them Ovation. It is a prayer. It is as simple as that. If you don’t like something then u don’t deserve it. (haba, a curse?)

How do you plan to celebrate your birthday? “It is going to be more of my friends celebrating me”, he said.
They are planning a day of tribute. Those who feel I've touched them will come and talk. Dbanj, TeeA, Ayo Animashaun, Charly boy, Kunle Bakare, Seye Kehinde; I have a lot of friends and disciples”, he continued. (A touch patronizing…disciples?? Really?).

How do you take criticisms that come your way by virtue of what you do?. 'I ignore, he answers. “Even Jesus Christ who died 2000 yrs ago still has people criticising him. If you are irrelevant nobody will talk about u.(Bobdee: Jesus?, why didn’t he try that with Mohammed) 

His future plans? Senator? “No way. I feel insulted whenever I hear that. Senator at 50? never! If I wanted to be Senator I’d have done it 20yrs ago”.
Gubernatorial? “No. The level of exposure I have, the interaction, the ability to run international businesses are unparalleled. Moreover a senator has only one vote and zero executive powers. That one vote is so inconsequential in Nigeria”. (So Clinton, The Bushes, Gore, Obama and other world leaders who rose through the ranks were stupid ehh?) Is this guy cuckoo? He has just shown he understands shit about politics).

“If ever I go into politics it has to be in an executive power because at 50 I have rededicated my life to the task of making Nigeria a better place. (yes Bobdee. Come and save us).
His qualifications to serve save Nigeria:
*At 23 he was private sec to ex deputy governor of Ondo state, Chief Akin Omoboriowo..
*He has met Jacob Zuma. According to him “Most countries that I go if I want to see the Prez I do”. (Yes, I believe you. Certainly in Benin, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Gambia-where Ovation has offices).
 *He also happily boasts about making Asoebi, Event planning, Event decorating enteprises popular. (Yes and thus bankrupting newly weds who aspire to be seen in Ovation).

News summary: I fervently hope he runs for the Presidency. His campaign would mean some infusion of money into the economy which is always welcome. Hopefully that will filter down to the masses.
And we shall partake of it.

And then totally ignore him.


  1. Wow...what scathing commentary. The man sounds very very arrogant. This Nigerian wedding business has become bizarre. things used to be much much simpler back in the day. Oh well.

    Happy New Year Ginge...



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