Monday, June 7, 2010

'Twilight' eclipses MTV Movie Awards

I saw this in my news feed today. "New Moon" sucked up trophies for best movie, kiss, female performance for Kristen Stewart and male performance and global superstar for Robert Pattinson”.

Was so upset I had to write this post.
Are we talking of the same ‘Twilight’? Cause I saw these movies [Twilight and the newest one New Moon) and for all intents and purposes they sucked. I’ve now got the Stephanie Meyer Twilight book series and hope to find redemption in them.
You saw the previews: with the Jake changing into a wolf and fighting another wolf?? That’s was the only serious action in this movie after 65 mins of colorless monologue and brooding faces.  So I ask what’s the hype about this movie?
Bella as the gal who was causing a war between brothers and sisters-the Cullens, werewolf and vampire wasn’t exactly a Helen of troy. I was neither inspired by her conversation nor scintillated by her grunge look. Bella’s only admired attribute was that no one could read her mind. How absolutely fascinating.
Brooding white faced Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are a match in Vampire heaven. I couldn’t be happier.

It just goes to show that the global teen population do have a strong influence on the media.


  1. He he the books. You will love them. The movies are just so-so.

  2. Thanks for stopping by LL.
    Okay o. I shall go on and read dem books. Just to understand the maddening cullen/bella loving crowd.



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