Friday, July 30, 2010

John Carpenter's Ghost of Mars

Why did this movie get such bad reviews? I don’t know John Carpenter so I don’t have the history of his greatness. But I think this movie wasn’t bad for a slasher/moronic-zombie/thriller.
Plot: At a mining colony on Mars, the miners had discovered an underground doorway created by an ancient Martian civilization. By opening it, they unleashed vengeful martian spirits which possess the miners and turn them into a killing squad in a bid to reclaim their land.
Enter Lt Melanie Ballard(Natasha Henstridge) and crew(Jason Stratham, Pam Grier, Clea Duvall, Liam Waite) - sent to pick and transport a murdering convict Desolation William(Ice Cube) from the colony but instead meet a desolate mining camp. And a chamber filled with decapitated heads. The action begins.
Wow: I liked the playback mode of the movie. With Lt Ballard narrating what went down to the viewers. The action was fast and furious and to be honest, I paid no mind to the dialogue. You can follow the story with your ears muffled. Ice Cube gave an unexpectedly remarkable performance and Ballard-smitten Stratham added some cockney humor.
Urgh: Last time I saw such a wretched looking lot of Zombies was 1985 – Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Also the movie was cast in this dark reddish tint which I guess was supposed to give us a Mar-ish atmosphere but was just plain awful.
Why were Ballard and Will grinning like eggheads in that last scene; people heading to their probable deaths? How cute is that?!
Ginger scores it 5.5/10

Scary movies & me

My movie watching as a child was relatively unsupervised. I am a last child with six very senior siblings; what do you expect? There was no cable then, no parental control button and they couldn’t turn me out of the living room while the rest of the family was watching movies cause I was too scared to be by myself in my room. So I was allowed to watch by default. All genres.
It was up to me to close my eyes at the appropriate time which I did (kiss time etc etc) of cos I snuck peeks once in a while. Who didn’t?
The TV stations had a penchant to show Horror movies! I still remember the British Hammer House of Horror series (Lucinda et al), Evil Dead 1.2.3, Exorcist, Omen.
Horror movies scared yet fascinated me. I couldn’t stop myself from watching them sometimes late into the night but it also ensured that I had nightmares at night.
Throughout my childhood, I never looked beyond the headboard of the bed at night cause I believed a nasty animal kingdom lived there. Believe me, I hear their grunts and growls when I wake up in the middle of the night. Hanging from the ceiling was Annie’s (can’t remember the movie now) decapitated head. With her fiery eyes staring at me. I slept with my head under the duvet despite a temperature of 38.C, I nursed full bladders throughout the night cause I was too scared to use the loo (Who knows what’s lurking there??). I learnt to recite Psalm 23. It become my mantra. For protection.
 As I grew older and had terrifying occasions when I had to stay alone in the apartment, sometimes In the dark due to epileptic power supply, I stopped seeing Horror movies. I had to stop feeding my fears. Until early this year. I saw “28 weeks later”. It was my first horror movie in YEARS.

Watching ‘28 weeks later’ was like a milestone capped. It also gave me a different perspective about horror films that they weren’t all about creepy crawlies, supernatural kind of malfeasance. That they could also be intelligent.
28 weeks later was about a pandemic of a rage virus which caused those infected to become raging mad…fight, beat and bite people to death. Those that don’t die become infected through bites and do the same. There was talk of containment and extermination, ethics etc Things which a medically minded person could relate to. It was creepy. It was scary. I could imagine it happening. But I also knew it was just a MOVIE-written and acted out by ordinary people.
It was a sweet victory to sleep that night without dreaming about the raging zombies I just saw.
Then I saw the Exorcist, Stephen King’s Carrie, Dolores Claiborne, Brian Stoke’s Dracula, Omen (I slept off halfway….it was boring), Amityville Horror, The Wolfman, Twilight (lol). To think some of these movies terrorized my childhood!!

Granted, I won’t go out of my way to pay to see a Horror movie. Even borrow it knowingly. (and I still can't fathom these people who love that genre enough to dedicate sites to it ewww. Not when there are a thousand and one Romantic Comedies and beautiful normal people to see. 
But I’m just so happy I have laid those ghosts to rest.
I also know that No kid of mine is watching horror till they are 15. No matter how tough they claim to be. Mom knows best.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Awake, Sleepers (A tale of 2 movies)

Plot: What a juicy mix - A wealthy young man, a controlling mom, a loving & beautiful girlfriend, the cardiologist friend with 4 malpractice suits under his belt, a gunshot wedding, a heart transplant, an ineffective anaesthesia..which means he can feel and hear everything….’I am fu%ked’. His words not mine.
Hayden Christensen, Jessica Alba, Terence Howard, Lena Olin, Fisher Stevens were good. But, It wasn’t just the acting, it was a concerted effort of good story, excellent directing and acting.
Wow: This movie kept me in suspense throughout. You know when things are going too ‘hunky dory’ for a movie with a crime/thriller genre which conversely keeps you on your tore cos you know there has to be a twist somewhere. And boy did the twists just keep coming!!  

I asked Angie my homie, movie lover, friend what she expects from a good movie. She said ‘that it grabs my attention – thoughts, eyes, hands throughout play’. If while watching it I can still think of my dissertation or what to eat or drink, it has failed.
Well, Awake gets an 8/10 from me.
It didn’t take itself too seriously nor should you. 84mins of entertainment pure and simple.
 p.s. Terence Howard never looked more scrumptious. He is such a bad boy…maybe it’s the drawl and the sly eyes. And Jessica Alba, I could cut off my pinkie for her looks. Megan Fox has nothing on her puleeeeez.

Lorenzo: This is a true story about friendship that runs deeper than blood. This is my story and that of the only three friends in my life that truly mattered. Two of them were killers who never made it past the age of 30. The other's a non-practicing attorney living with the pain of his past - too afraid to let it go, never confronting its horror. I'm the only one who can speak for them, and the children we were. 
I hate movies about sexual assault. Especially in the young. It disturbs me. I makes me curse. It makes me afraid for my unborn kids. It makes me wish for death penalty for all sex offenders so there will be less in the world as our kids grow up.
Plot: Sleepers is about 4 regular teenagers (John, Tommy, Lorenzo and Michael) growing up in a poor neighborhood in the west side colorfully called Hell’s Kitchen. The neighborhood Catholic church was a central part of their lives with Father Bobby(Robert de Niro) the glue that kept them together. They played pranks like all teenage boys are wont to, until the prank that spiraled out of control and turned young men into damaged adults.
WoW: Everything. Was this film believable? damn right it was. Was it graphic? No. Apart from a few beatings, the rest was left to your imagination. Was it dramatic? No, but if you paid attention you’ll get all the subtle silent nuances which spoke louder than words; The look on the boys’ faces as that trolley fell down the stairs, The first time Nokes tells Lorenzo to strip, the look on John and Tommy when they met their nemesis Nokes, ex Guard Ferguson and Lawyer Snyder, Fr Bobby’s firm hand on that Bible in court as he committed perjury (you’d understand if you were catholic).
The performances were stellar - The young friends, Jason Patric, Billy Crudup, Ron Eldard, Robert de Niro, Brad Pitt, Frank Medrano, Dustin Hoffman etc. what else can we expect from this cast?
 If you are looking for a feel good movie. This is not it. A movie that keeps you thinking about it, discussing the whys and heretofore days, months after? You’ve got it. Sleeper did not only grab my attention, it yanked at my tear ducts. 9.5/10
Some of the questions still burning in my head:
*Could these boys lives have turned out better without that prison sentence or was a bad egg a bad egg? (They were already running around with the mobster-King Benny afterall, so the lives of gangsters/killers may not have been far off)
*Is revenge ever worth the price? Can it bring like James Bond…a quantum of solace?
*Should Father Bobby have lied for his boys?
*Do you feel he was doing penance(by committing that grievous act) for not having ‘saved’ them from the guards?
*Could you leave your child with your best friend who you know is a pedophile?

p.s. I’ve got a new reason to dislike Kevin bacon. He does snarky villain so well that I just can’t separate it from the real person.

This meme tagged me

I dont do personal very easily but this meme kinda tagged me so here goes.
  1. Right now I’m feeling.... lost and rudderless.... Singing...'Oh the future lies before me and I know not where I’ll be. But wherever my path be leading Saviour keep my heart with thee.'
  2. When I’m alone I feel.... happy. I’m comfortable in my own company. Too comfortable in fact.
  3. When I’m surrounded by people I feel..... happy too. yeah, I’m bipolar like that. There’s always something to natter about.
  4. One thing I hate is.... being dependent especially financially.
  5. One thing I really like about myself is ....I don’t hold on to anger too long. Forgive forget is the motto.
  6. When I’m feeling sad I...... sing (see #1)and my lower lip has this sulky protruding pout. BFF Gush used to find it so amusing.
  7. When I daydream it's usually about......being a housewife married to a wealthy sheikh; with servants scurrying around, attending to my every whim.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Book Review: What Men Don't want Women to Know

I found this book a daring bold hilarious read. I can’t vouchsafe its authenticity (backing by empirical data) but I think it’s a commonsensical read for the Girlfriend/Wife who wants to be streetsmart. And though I am not in the camp that says that MEN ARE DOGS (Smith And Doe said they are), I agree with 55% of their summations. This book is definitely not for the faint hearted. Heck, if YOU girlfriend are scared of reading it then you better believe what your Head is telling you…there is a problem in your relationship. But more than using this book as a guide to troubleshooting infidelity, It also had some great advice about understanding your partner’s needs and finances. 
I hope I ‘m not breaking any law by printing this but -  friends can share right? So buzz me if you want ;-)

Oops! Here it is on Amazon. Pls buy ooo.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

NKOTB: Karate Kid

Plot: 12 yr old Dre and mom have relocated to Beijing to pursue new opportunities and kid is typically unhappy about leaving the ‘familiar’ and old friends. He quickly gets into trouble with the local karate gang for showing too much interest in the local girl. With the support of the maintenance man he strikes a bargain with the gang that they would let him be if he wins the Kung Fu tournament.
Wow: What is it about kid actors that just makes me feel like Columbus discovering America? You see that child and all the potential s/he has got and you get so excited and pray it is used well and that the stardom endures. Errr. Lindsay Lohan is not a good example. MJ is my best example of talent that had staying power. Then Drew Barrymore. Chloe Morentz(Kick ass), Abigail Breislin(My sister’s keeper) Can’t think of more I know there are.
Now Jaden Smith. First this young man has got the sweetest bits of pink on his face - his lips.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Internet-aholic AA

My name is Ginger, I’m an internet-aholic and I need help.
I posted this on FB 7 days ago and my friends loled it away. Cant people distinguish a joke and a cry for help anymore? So I'm turning to you dear readers and bloggers. 
Help! I think I've got it bad. 
- I think hrs spent hunched over my laptop is rest time
- My laptop is the last thing I see before sleeping and the first thing I look at when I check on waking up.
- I have 10-25 tabs open at every point in time.  I have over 200 unsorted bookmarks and another 150 supposedly categorized; with names like Ginger thur, Ginger Sun, January 8th? Ginger Wed? These are articles/posts I plan to read sometime soon???
- I spend a lot of time planning what to write, how to write, what site I haven’t visited in a while, what site I haven’t checked out, whose FB page to see, whose post I haven’t commented on etc.
- My laptop has not been shut down in 3wks. Hibernate, hibernate.
- My hair looks like a mop cause I wouldn’t get off the internet long enough to visit a hair salon last weekend. Same with visiting friends.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Tsavo Lions

I’ve been glued to the TV screen this past 2 hrs. watching the movie: The Ghost and the Darkness.
Plot: In 1898, the British started building a railway bridge over the Tsavo river in East Africa (Kenya-Uganda). Lt Col Patterson(Val Kilmer) is an Engineer employed to oversee the project. His arrival is unfortunately marked by the appearance of man-eating lions who terrorize the camp turning his construction workers into prey. It was up to Patterson and Remington (Michael Douglas) a Game hunter to kill the Lions and get the construction back on schedule.
Wow: My love for Val Kilmer has been renewed. This movie was ace! I’m so tired of human/zombie villains. Nature makes a great change. And those Lions were sneaky devils! There was also this believable undertone of voodoo which added more intrigue and anticipation. Just ace!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth has received a lot of flack from these good men and women; The Movie BrosEric Snider, Shakesville which just makes me sad :-). Cos I really liked it and for the record, the Proposal pales in comparison.
Did it follow the Romcom recipe? To the last note.
Did you laugh yep. Lots. That vibrator scene in the restaurant was funny.
Did you relate to it? yeah. Yours truly has read her fair share of Understanding men’ self help books. plus Cosmo tips on ‘how to get him licking your heels after the first hello’ so yes I could relate to Kate. And to Mike's Ugly truth. Most men and even women are first attracted to the other person by what they SEE. That is the ugly truth.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Adam and Steve

Plot: While younger and undergoing various growing up angst – the goth look and a bad cocaine habit, Adam(Craig Chester) and Steve(Malcolm Gets) met at a party and had a one night stand that left long lasting scars on both. They meet up later; older, wiser and accomplished; and fall in love.
But their past casts a shadow on their happiness.

Wow: I’m usually not one for sappy stick it in your face comedy. And that was how this movie started. The goth make-up, the diarrhea scene. blah
But I kept watching and despite efforts to remain aloof, the story holds me in its sweet warm embrace. (How is that for poetic?)

RomCom Week

I love romance, I love to be romanced, I love the idea of romance but best of all I can  appreciate romance in other couples be it real or on reel.
To make a great dish, you need: a bubbling stew of boy and girl, a dash of comic situations, a drizzle of kooky friends and family, a slice of action, a soupçon of betrayal, a heap of misunderstandings, a pinch of tragic, a splash of epiphany….and voila! we have the romcom.
A million and 1 romance books and movies have followed this particular recipe. For some it works producing an airy crispy yet melts in the mouth sweet satisfying dish.
Eg. Pretty Woman.
For others it sinks in the middle like unleavened bread. unwitty dialogue, zero chemistry between hero and heroine, unbelievable exaggerated story-lines, exaggeration, dumb girl, dumb guy, lazy plot, annoying characters. 
Eg. Back up plan
I saw the Romcom LEAP YEAR recently. It was like gulps of cool water to a parched palate.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Polarised about this Polanski affair

Warning - this is a long post! My stance on what should be done to Polanski has been yo-yoing since I heard about it in 2009 following his arrest in Zurich. I didn’t follow it chronologically, so that could explain why. 
If you’ve not heard about the matter please read and cringe. If you have; you may have come to the conclusions I did.


I first heard about the Polanski case from news about his burgeoning apologists-fellow celebrities. Disappointingly, people I admired. What part of Evil genius don’t they understand?
Whoopi Goldberg
Martin Scorcese
Tilda Swinton
Debra Winger
David Lynch
Jeff Wells: “Has Polanski suffered at all for his crime, apart from going to jail for 42 days in 1977? Of course he has. The crime has been haunting his head and heart for 32 years and it has defined the political and geographical limits of his life and career for same amount of time — more than half his adult life. He’s lived as a fugitive, a restricted man, a hider in the shadows — never a good thing for anyone in a spiritual sense.
But in the minds of the haters, Polanski hasn’t begun to suffer enough. They’re determined to lash him to the rack and keep him there. They want Pilgrim justice, flayings, black caps, thumbscrews, howls and clanging metal doors. YES! (me)

Woody Allen- "It's something that happened many years ago... he has suffered.... He has paid his due," Allen told French radio station RTL. Allen of course would perfectly understand. After all he married his adopted daughter Soon Yi… I don’t want to go into what I think might have been going on in that home (How long it had been going on for example) before Mia found out.

The British Broadcasting Corp. in 1978  quoted Polanski as saying by telephone, "I've been tortured by this for a year and that's enough." This was immediately after his escape to his chateau in France

Me - Gimme a break! Genius should never be an excuse to be exempt from justice. If he is truly a genius, jail could never have killed his creativity. Who said he can’t write or direct from jail. Jeffery Archer did it, didn’t he?


This was when I became appraised of the facts of the conviction:
Polanski fled to Paris after being indicted in 1977 on six counts

Friday, July 16, 2010

Little Landry Allbright

I am ashamed to admit this…I just saw the movie ConAir for the first time yesternight. Awesome movie.
Do I really have to tell the story? About convicts led by Grissom ‘the Virus’ who hijacked a US Marshall ‘Jailbird’ flight during their transfer to a Super-maximum prison.
About Poe (Nicolas Cage) a former army ranger who had just finished an 8 yr sentence and was on his way home coincidentally on his little girl’s (Landry Allbright) birthday. He deliberately misses his escape connection and undertakes to save the world from the convicts. Yay!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thriller - A cruel Picture

I kinda looked forward to seeing this movie. Heard it was Quentin Tarantino’s inspiration for the Kill Bill Volumes. Also heard that it was banned in Sweden cause of its ‘graphic violence’. Now I really don’t love watching violence for its sake -especially when I ‘d been pre-warned- but it was QT’s inspiration right?
Plot: A girl who has been a victim of sexual abuse from her childhood to adulthood decides to take revenge on her abusers.
Wow: None really. Frightening? what a laff? The scenes were drawn out and oft repeated. Guess the title picture was to be taken literally. Dialogues were few and far between and in Dutch. The score was typical of the 80s with an increased tempo heralding scenes of violence – which was pretty much throughout the movie and grated on my nerves no end.
Urgh: I expected graphic violence but met graphic sexual scenes. Which were plain porn and gratuitous. The circumstances so laboriously depicted was enough for us to acknowledge her abused position. The copulatory scenes did not add to it.
The much reported vividly graphic scene where her eye was plucked out was not watched by me. (eye violence makes me right squeamish)
The revenge scenes are pretty blah for our time. I guess in the 70s that was pretty groundbreaking. But now - I could be watching paint dry!
The biggest fault this movie had was not bringing out any empathy in the audience (me). Christina’s act was listless. I couldn’t just empathize with her pains like I did with Precious and when you miss that, the revenge sort of falls flat.
Ginger scores it: 5.2/10

Date My Single Kid

This Mom started this site for she and other fabulous Moms to advertise their single kids and give them the hook up.
I don't care if people say it's meddlesome, a sales gimmick or even a genuine attempt to give their kids a helping hand; I think IT'S A GREAT IDEA!
I used to to tell my gf Jun, that I wished we were back in them days when the folks from some family made active searches to find out the families with single kids. Next thing, they come to your parents to say, "We spied a flower in your garden" or something like that. The kids get to meet and it goes on from there.
*You have already overcome the hurdle of parents getting along with them selves.
*No waiting for the guy to commit. Cos from day1 you both know the deal is marriage.
*Wedding finance costs are reduced by half cause folks are so ecstatic that they wont mind paying.
*This might be the sign of a meddlesome mother in law
*Parents may find people who fit their idea of perfect not yours and this will bring a lot of "Son, you are too choosy. She's perfect". Perfect for who? lol
Admittedly I don't want it as heavy handed as Indian match making; where most times you get to meet your future spouse on the day of the wedding BUT I think our parents should be allowed to help.
One commenter on the original article on NYPost called the Son a loser for needing his mom to find him a girl: "I would never, NEVER, date a man who has to be set on a date by his mother. It denotes that he is not a man, he has not grown, is not mature, and cannot take care of his own business".
Does that mean I am a loser too? Cos I cant find a man - take care of my business? It has been difficult meeting males/eligible males/eligible males I am attracted to. If my folks can help; I will not sneeze at it. 
The more the merrier right?
And you know what? I am not alone!
Another Blogger click here put up a post about it and check out the comments - 90 and mostly female and they all think It's a great Idea! Thank you girls.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I wanna see Bruce Willis Cop Out on this failure

Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan team up in this comedy about a veteran NYPD cop whose rare baseball card is stolen. Since the card is his only hope to pay for his daughter's upcoming wedding, he recruits his partner to track down the thief, a memorabilia-obsessed gangster.
Urgh: I am black and damn me for saying this..but Tracy Morgan is not the finest black man I have seen on screen. His role as a half wit cop did not help matters. He fulfilled every racist crack that has made against blacks: stupidity bordering on imbecility, bad grammar, excessive use of cuss words, obsessed with food and sex. And I use to think Martin Lawrence was a pain in the behind. Compared to Tracy, Martin is a dream boat.

I don’t understand Bruce’ role. He’s either losing his shine or Tracy’s imbecilic moves made every other act fade in comparison.
I won’t deny there were a FEW laffs (from Sean Williams Scott) but half of the time I was just muttering under my breathe: tape that mouth stupe!

Ginger scores it 3.3/10

 ** According to Bruce, this movie will make history: "One of you guys needs to write about this. Someone needs to write about the fact that even though this film descends from a long line of cop movies and cop buddy movies, I think this is the first time in history -- and maybe this is only important to me -- that a black actor and a white actor in a buddy cop movie where they work together everyday where it isn't even mentioned. Not one time in this film is it mentioned. That's a big step and that's a good thing. It doesn't have to be about that."
Methinks he is making that observation cause he had issues with it? Cos whats the big deal really; I didn't think 'black/white' when I saw Lethal Weapon, Enemy of the state, even Bad Boys. But I DID when I saw Cop Out. go figure 

Monday, July 12, 2010

IP Man 2

JG4m made me watch this martial arts movie. And boy did I love it.

Plot: IP man now poor has moved to Hong Kong (a sequel to events in the first part) to start life afresh as a trainer and propagator of Wing Chun. The local practitioners refuse him membership, till the bullish Briton challenge..
Wow: Donnie Yen is an amazing actor. As IP man he embodied a beauty, elegance, calm, pride and humility and grace which I have yet to see in another Martial arts actor.
The fight choreography was flawless. They were so real that It had me rooting for the Hongkong underdogs even though I knew the outcome. And didn’t you just love the cameo at the end; of a young Bruce Lee coming to him for lessons.
*Donnie Yen has the most amazing smile.
Urgh: There were typically unnecessary street  type fighting scenes where a lone IP man deals with 20 hefty men. Unrealistic but hey its martial arts right?
Ginger scores it 8/10

I heard IP man was even more amazing…. Read this review …I’m definitely on the look out.
**Right now, I am watching Fearless - which has been compared to the first IP man. I know I'm not going to watch it to the end. Donnie Yen vs Jet Li? No contest there.

His and Hers

I haven’t written a movie weekend review in a while now. You want to know why?? Let me confess:

Me and dear best friend have declared a wary-truce over movies: we shall not watch movies together anymore.
And it was all due to some wrangling here and there over the selection of movies to watch.
He loves Thrillers, action flicks, martial arts, action flicks, mystery, romcom, drama in that order. While I am almost the opposite: Thrillers, drama, romcom, mystery, action flicks and martial arts. As you can see we agree on thriller genres but when it comes to others….someone has to give…and guess what we both give.
Check this scenario: There’s IP Man 2 and Valentines’s day available to watch.
JG: Have you seen IP Man 2? It’s the latest let’s see it.
Me: What is it about?
JG: Martial arts
Me: Huh ( a little side grimace which I thot was unnoticed) then in a small voice: Valentines day is good too.
JG: okay let’s see that
Me: No IP man
JG: No, Valentine’s day. It’s ok
Me: IP man. I ‘ve checked it out on imdb (my local authority) its good.
JG: No yours (adnauseum for 20mins more till I WIN and we watch IP man.

Why do I give in so easily:
Cos I do movie reviews on this blog. It helps me to be balanced lol. Moreover I am free on Saturdays so I can catch up on MY movies.
Cos I can multitask. So my laptop is on and I am tweaking my site design or catching up on my mail; with one eye still on the movie. I get to tune in when some interesting scene is on and tune out when it drags. And I can promise you that when it turns out to be a cliff hanger, no-one needs to tell me to abandon my laptop and watch!

But when I get to watch a movie of my choosing…. JG manages to sit still for 20mins then excuses himself to go work on his laptop in another room.
What’s that?? I then get to feel guilty that I am hugging the TV set to myself and have ruined an otherwise nice evening.

Heads he wins, Tails I loose. And it shouldn’t be so. The thing is, we both love seeing movies rating it and all. Now cause we aren’t watching them together, well under this circumstance..I haven’t been as enthusiastic.
The good thing is, he has come around now. 
We still don't have a better system of choosing movies to see.

Guess we'll figure it out somehow. Who wants to vent about the woman/man in their life?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

King Herod's sin: Rashness or Cowardice

I think the Roman times were filled with barbaric yet cowardly men. No wonder Jesus stood out from them all in those days. He said it as it was and was not afraid of anyone. He condemned wrongdoing but not the person and forgave. What made me think of Romans anyway?

I was reading Scripture about the beheading of John the Baptist. What do you think was Herod’s sin: Foolishness, Rashness or Cowardice?
In swearing the oath to his daughter he displayed a high degree of rashness and yeah foolishness. I mean your step-daughter danced beautifully sooo???? She didn’t save the world, it wasn’t a thing of valor, she probably inspired lust in the men watching.
So why reward her so bountifully? I mean look at his addendum: “even if you ask for half of my kingdom” [I do wish I had such a generous earthly father]. The Bible did not say it but that guy was surely drunk or high on hashish.
Okay, he made a rash promise, but when your daughter asks you to commit murder and serve it on a dish, Hello dad? Where was the admonishment? Where was the ‘No Daughter, you go too far, I cannot kill a man for you. and surely not John, a man who is much respected even by I, and far wiser than you’
Was keeping that reckless promise more important than loosing face?

P.S. Maybe I am worrying my head too much. Based on historical accounts and the Roman themed movies we’ve seen: (Spartacus, Gladiators, 300, The Robe, Ben Hur, Quo Vadis) etc the life of a man was worth nothing in those days. If they could feed humans/slaves/prisoners to lions then gifting John the Baptist’s head to his daughter was probably an honorable kind of exit.

Thank you Lord for the age of freedom and compassion we live in.

I've moved to

Hi Folks,
Ginger(me! me!) has moved to her own website:!!! It’s still the same old blog and thankfully since I am still going to be hosted by Google, I don’t loose my old posts and images (fingers crossed).

I've been seduced by the promises of better search engine optimization, page rank etc etc etc. hehehehe. Like anybody knows me and like I understand what all that means?!
Also the name “Ginger” has too many competitors: ginger spice, ginger cookies, ginger root beer lol. With mak2chi I “go siddon full ground” (in other words…I’ll be unique).

But more than that, I want to challenge myself to take blogging much more seriously with my own website. I have enjoyed the trip so far and I have learnt so much!.…talk of tweaking Java/html script, design, and the actual writing. Learning to write responsibly: good grammar, spelling and making your opinions based on facts. I am also making new friends: wonderful, funny, serious fellow bloggers. You can never have too many I assure you!

Thank you. Yes I’m talking to you!  Who take the time to make comments to my posts, respond to comments I make on your posts and respond to personal mails from total strangers. I appreciate you all.

Google being such a great chum will helpfully redirect to automatically, but you could also help me by re-subscribing to my feeds and/or mail. etc etc.
And if you want to know how I did it, just send me a mail. Its easy peasy.

Thank you, Thank you for stopping by and do come back!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Of Castration and Man

I read with glee the news article about the approval of castration in pedophiles in Poland. Yay! where are my clamps and ball squashers?!
Do I hear an ouch?
Only to find out it was a chemical castration wtf? Long hiss. And I am now finding out that chemical castration has been in use since 1996 some states in America(California, Texas, Massachusetts, Maryland, Florida) damn! My hopes of becoming Chief Ball Breaker of the Ministry of Justice has just come crashing down.

The idea behind the chemo way is a once in month or once in 3month- injection of Depo provera (the more popular drug of choice) to the convict...The drug inhibits testosterone production, reduces sexual urges and recidivism rates fall to 5%.

A little history and biology: Testo is the hormone behind the male persona- baritone, chest and jaw hair, extra abs, muscle tone, libido, sperm production.
The hormones of the body work in synergy so a decrease in testosterone causes an increase in progesterone (the major feminizing hormone) in the male or an increase in progesterone suppresses the production of testosterone (which is how the Depo provera works).

Now what is my bone of contention with this drug or method:
Mr. Pedophile is not going to become Mommy dearest after this treatment. He may become docile, add some weight, have pendulous boobs, suffer some progesterone related bone loss(osteoporosis – what women normally go through) but
He can still get aroused – arousal is psychological isn’t it?
He can still get an erection
He can still ejaculate
And best – for the diehard pedophile - the effects of the drug are reversed when it is discontinued OR can be counteracted by use of androgen stimulating drugs.

Ever wondered why your Vet encourages you to castrate Bingo the dog before he is 6mths? Cos after 6mths his sexuality has become well developed. He has learnt to sniff out and run after the gals. So a castration at that age wouldn’t  stop that learned behavior; it would just stop him from getting them pregnant.
So also a typical adult pedophile who has had years to nurture this evil habit. Sexual Abuse be it of children or adults isn’t about tiny willies requiring tinier vaginas. It’s about a perversion to destroy that which is pure and innocent and weaker than yourself.
It’s about power albeit the lowest kind of cowardice.

Do I think this procedure works?
Plenty doubts.
So the thing is…. If we have to castrate why not use the more painful method at least; coupled with a nice long stay behind bars. Now that would be just cool with me.  

Thursday, July 1, 2010

When Ginger met SATC

I read this blog post about reviewers who were making digs at SJP's looks and it got me reminiscing about how I met Sarah Jessica Parker.

In dem days (about 5yrs ago?), Series were privy to only those who could afford DSTV’s premium subscription. Then thanks to my pirating Ibo brothers and their Chinese counterparts, bootlegs DVDs of complete seasons started proliferating and thus the popularity of Prison Break, 24, Desperate Housewives, Sex and the City (SATC), Girlfriends, House and a host of others in Nigeria. Infact, I believe we are now ahead of the game in the west - getting complete seasons hot from the reel at $2 max.

So why this pre-ramble, my first date with the SATC crew that’s what.
I was a fan of Cosmo magazine most of my growing years; and SATC was a constant reference by her columnists. So too dear Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha, SATC’s most notorious stars.
I thought Carrie was ugly. Yes I said it. Her facial features though individually beautiful just didn’t not mesh well. Face too long, too angular, legs to muscular, lips too wide, eyes too deep set. cheekbones too high, body just awkward.

Then I bought the Season I of SATC. My prim self was blushing [if this chocolatey skin could actually do that] by the 3rd episode. I was like what??!!! “these gals have the morals of alley cats”. I didn’t finish the season. I ejected the DVD and hid it under my clothes.
My dream of passing my find to my sis crumbled like toast. I was actually feeling protective….I didnt want to sully her innocent mind.
 Then Sis came back one Friday evening with Seasons 1-4 (talk about going gung ho!). I didn’t have the heart to tell her " just bought girly porn". So I pretended I wasn’t interested.
The next morning she started the marathon session of DVD watching while I pretended to read a novel and wondered why she was giggling so. Next thing, she comes to my room and was like “Ginger you have to come watch this”. I reluctantly went to join her. It was the episode in season 2 or 3?? where Carrie went for a friend’s baby shower and was told to leave her Mahnolo shoes outside and it got stolen and she came up with a “I’m getting married to myself” party to get it back. I was hooked.

I re-watched that first season and all the subsequent seasons and fell hook, line and sinker for the girls and Mr. Big and all the stupid men they ever dated.
Big represented the men we were bottle fed on as teenagers - if you were a lover of romance novels, you’d understand- Bad boy, handsome, rich, romantic and tantalizingly aloof.
Carrie was my “dizzy sometimes makes wrong relationship choices, loves shoes, has a ‘unique” sense of style, not perfect but reliable best girlfriend”.
Samantha was the no holds no punches - say it as it is - I shall have sex when, where and how I want it without regrets - girlfriend.
Charlotte and Miranda were a mix that reminded me of myself: sometimes selfish, sometimes childish, sometimes beautiful, sometimes prudish, sometimes confident, sometimes not, too thin, too plump, sometimes imperfect, silly, thinks her life is incomplete without a man, alternates between distancing myself from Carrie and Samantha and being envious of their freedom and readiness to keep looking for love (Carrie at least).
Charlotte was the prettiest of the bunch agreed, but Carrie had my heart.

Today, a colleague wanted to copy the SATC Movie file from my hard drive. Said colleague and I had bonded over books. But not so much over movies.
Anyway, she was like “ohhh I want to see that”?
As you can see, I have a proprietary love for SATC. So for me it was like sending my baby out for a weekend with another family. I wondered if she would truly appreciate it… it…laugh appropriately (Charlotte having diarrhea at the resort)? Would she cry when Big didn’t show up at the wedding? Would she understand why it was a tragic? - Cause I know it might not be as significant for someone who had not followed the series. You understand don’t you???
Well, I gave her the movie file but I know our fledgling friendship is being tested. If she makes any undesirable comment about my dear SATC………there will be war!!!

I am yet to watch SATC 2. My sis said she liked it. So I might just end up liking it despite reviews to the contrary. 
But I really wish they had ended it with SATC with Carrie & Big ‘ happily married’ ever after. 


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