Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Adam and Steve

Plot: While younger and undergoing various growing up angst – the goth look and a bad cocaine habit, Adam(Craig Chester) and Steve(Malcolm Gets) met at a party and had a one night stand that left long lasting scars on both. They meet up later; older, wiser and accomplished; and fall in love.
But their past casts a shadow on their happiness.

Wow: I’m usually not one for sappy stick it in your face comedy. And that was how this movie started. The goth make-up, the diarrhea scene. blah
But I kept watching and despite efforts to remain aloof, the story holds me in its sweet warm embrace. (How is that for poetic?)
I think it’s a poignant Romcom and even more amazing(for me) cause this was my first RomCom where the leads were gay, having a normal relationship and not defending themselves against the world.
Adam and Steve were real. In the way good relationships are real. It reminded me that love is about being loved inspite of who or what you are. And that we are all worthy to be loved. 
It poked fun at gays but in a self deprecatingly funny way. 
Urgh: It did get overwhelmingly sweet in some scenes. These are men not high school kids.
And when Adam broke into “Somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good”, I was bowled over. Last time I heard that song was in Sounds of Music eons ago! The meaning remains unchanged.
 Ginger scores it 6/10


  1. OK, I am going to have to start watching more movies! I am reading your posts and getting deeper and deeper in, not able to leave a comment because I keep reading! Would you believe I JUST saw Alice in Wonderland? How did I watch it so late when it is Tim Burton and Johnny Depp? ;)

  2. Another Tim Burton & Johnny Depp fan.Yay! Those two make music together dont they? Believe me, Its never too late to watch a great movie Katharine. and thanks for reading..

  3. If I post my real thoughts on this..so its best I cough kuff cough cough, *deep breath?* cough.


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