Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Date My Single Kid

This Mom started this site for she and other fabulous Moms to advertise their single kids and give them the hook up.
I don't care if people say it's meddlesome, a sales gimmick or even a genuine attempt to give their kids a helping hand; I think IT'S A GREAT IDEA!
I used to to tell my gf Jun, that I wished we were back in them days when the folks from some family made active searches to find out the families with single kids. Next thing, they come to your parents to say, "We spied a flower in your garden" or something like that. The kids get to meet and it goes on from there.
*You have already overcome the hurdle of parents getting along with them selves.
*No waiting for the guy to commit. Cos from day1 you both know the deal is marriage.
*Wedding finance costs are reduced by half cause folks are so ecstatic that they wont mind paying.
*This might be the sign of a meddlesome mother in law
*Parents may find people who fit their idea of perfect not yours and this will bring a lot of "Son, you are too choosy. She's perfect". Perfect for who? lol
Admittedly I don't want it as heavy handed as Indian match making; where most times you get to meet your future spouse on the day of the wedding BUT I think our parents should be allowed to help.
One commenter on the original article on NYPost called the Son a loser for needing his mom to find him a girl: "I would never, NEVER, date a man who has to be set on a date by his mother. It denotes that he is not a man, he has not grown, is not mature, and cannot take care of his own business".
Does that mean I am a loser too? Cos I cant find a man - take care of my business? It has been difficult meeting males/eligible males/eligible males I am attracted to. If my folks can help; I will not sneeze at it. 
The more the merrier right?
And you know what? I am not alone!
Another Blogger click here put up a post about it and check out the comments - 90 and mostly female and they all think It's a great Idea! Thank you girls.


  1. Oh I think it is hysterical! Would I look for someone on the site whose MOTHER put it up? Hmmm not sure... like you said, the whole meddling mother in law thing. Funny!

  2. The monster in law is definitely a deterrent Katherine. But the immediate advantage of an increased pool of 'eligible' men is quite tempting innit?

  3. Ginger, I had a good friend from India who went home to be married. He was thrilled to have his parents and a matchmaker find him a bride. And it seems to work well when people who know you best have your best interests at heart. I'm just sayin...




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