Monday, July 12, 2010

His and Hers

I haven’t written a movie weekend review in a while now. You want to know why?? Let me confess:

Me and dear best friend have declared a wary-truce over movies: we shall not watch movies together anymore.
And it was all due to some wrangling here and there over the selection of movies to watch.
He loves Thrillers, action flicks, martial arts, action flicks, mystery, romcom, drama in that order. While I am almost the opposite: Thrillers, drama, romcom, mystery, action flicks and martial arts. As you can see we agree on thriller genres but when it comes to others….someone has to give…and guess what we both give.
Check this scenario: There’s IP Man 2 and Valentines’s day available to watch.
JG: Have you seen IP Man 2? It’s the latest let’s see it.
Me: What is it about?
JG: Martial arts
Me: Huh ( a little side grimace which I thot was unnoticed) then in a small voice: Valentines day is good too.
JG: okay let’s see that
Me: No IP man
JG: No, Valentine’s day. It’s ok
Me: IP man. I ‘ve checked it out on imdb (my local authority) its good.
JG: No yours (adnauseum for 20mins more till I WIN and we watch IP man.

Why do I give in so easily:
Cos I do movie reviews on this blog. It helps me to be balanced lol. Moreover I am free on Saturdays so I can catch up on MY movies.
Cos I can multitask. So my laptop is on and I am tweaking my site design or catching up on my mail; with one eye still on the movie. I get to tune in when some interesting scene is on and tune out when it drags. And I can promise you that when it turns out to be a cliff hanger, no-one needs to tell me to abandon my laptop and watch!

But when I get to watch a movie of my choosing…. JG manages to sit still for 20mins then excuses himself to go work on his laptop in another room.
What’s that?? I then get to feel guilty that I am hugging the TV set to myself and have ruined an otherwise nice evening.

Heads he wins, Tails I loose. And it shouldn’t be so. The thing is, we both love seeing movies rating it and all. Now cause we aren’t watching them together, well under this circumstance..I haven’t been as enthusiastic.
The good thing is, he has come around now. 
We still don't have a better system of choosing movies to see.

Guess we'll figure it out somehow. Who wants to vent about the woman/man in their life?

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