Saturday, July 24, 2010

Internet-aholic AA

My name is Ginger, I’m an internet-aholic and I need help.
I posted this on FB 7 days ago and my friends loled it away. Cant people distinguish a joke and a cry for help anymore? So I'm turning to you dear readers and bloggers. 
Help! I think I've got it bad. 
- I think hrs spent hunched over my laptop is rest time
- My laptop is the last thing I see before sleeping and the first thing I look at when I check on waking up.
- I have 10-25 tabs open at every point in time.  I have over 200 unsorted bookmarks and another 150 supposedly categorized; with names like Ginger thur, Ginger Sun, January 8th? Ginger Wed? These are articles/posts I plan to read sometime soon???
- I spend a lot of time planning what to write, how to write, what site I haven’t visited in a while, what site I haven’t checked out, whose FB page to see, whose post I haven’t commented on etc.
- My laptop has not been shut down in 3wks. Hibernate, hibernate.
- My hair looks like a mop cause I wouldn’t get off the internet long enough to visit a hair salon last weekend. Same with visiting friends.
- I think ‘let me spend an hr catching up on blogsville’, I end up spending 8hrs.
- I haven’t had a girly outing in months. I tell my girls I have office work to catch up on.
- My sleep pattern is whack- I sleep btw 12.15am and 1.20am nowadays. For someone who needs to wake at 6am for work, that’s suicide.
- It’s also costing me. N230 vs N400 (cos when I wake up late, leave the house late, then I’ll need to use a bike to help me beat traffic).
- I still get to work late despite that. Boss is noticing.
 There are contributing factor which if sorted out might improve life considerably (I'm seriously in denial here?!)
1. My Blogsite design isn’t perfect yet. I‘ve changed the design 5 times in 2 weeks and I’ve still not gotten the desired look. Till I do I guess I'll be still be Google searching 'how do I center my header' etc.
2. I need a qwerty keyboard phone or best really a blackberry so I can write more conveniently and publish straight from phone. I do a lot of blog-writing during my 2hrs commute to and fro work. But transferring from paper to MS word is a …..another story.
3. I need an efficient way of reading posts from my favorite bloggers. I tried Google reader but seeing 340 unread mails from my BlogHer subscription made me feel like an inefficient student so I stopped. Any other suggestions pls?
4. I need to be socially and physically engaged with my friends.
 Regulating the hours I spend on the net is my biggest problem (isn’t that what the addiction is?). I have no control. Who has gone through this and has a five step program or something. Please email me ginger at or comment pls.
I don't want to be this guy.


  1. One of the things I like about the beach house for weekends is getting away from the internet. I even MAKE myself stay away from my phone. Sometimes I'll send a tweet or pic, but most of the time I have no internet here and it is GOOD for me..... I can relate!

  2. Now that explains all those lovely beach shots you keep showing off. You go MOST weekends? I'm green. How restful + the change in scenery. Can you pack me up next time? I'm small you know.



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