Monday, July 12, 2010

IP Man 2

JG4m made me watch this martial arts movie. And boy did I love it.

Plot: IP man now poor has moved to Hong Kong (a sequel to events in the first part) to start life afresh as a trainer and propagator of Wing Chun. The local practitioners refuse him membership, till the bullish Briton challenge..
Wow: Donnie Yen is an amazing actor. As IP man he embodied a beauty, elegance, calm, pride and humility and grace which I have yet to see in another Martial arts actor.
The fight choreography was flawless. They were so real that It had me rooting for the Hongkong underdogs even though I knew the outcome. And didn’t you just love the cameo at the end; of a young Bruce Lee coming to him for lessons.
*Donnie Yen has the most amazing smile.
Urgh: There were typically unnecessary street  type fighting scenes where a lone IP man deals with 20 hefty men. Unrealistic but hey its martial arts right?
Ginger scores it 8/10

I heard IP man was even more amazing…. Read this review …I’m definitely on the look out.
**Right now, I am watching Fearless - which has been compared to the first IP man. I know I'm not going to watch it to the end. Donnie Yen vs Jet Li? No contest there.

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