Thursday, July 8, 2010

I've moved to

Hi Folks,
Ginger(me! me!) has moved to her own website:!!! It’s still the same old blog and thankfully since I am still going to be hosted by Google, I don’t loose my old posts and images (fingers crossed).

I've been seduced by the promises of better search engine optimization, page rank etc etc etc. hehehehe. Like anybody knows me and like I understand what all that means?!
Also the name “Ginger” has too many competitors: ginger spice, ginger cookies, ginger root beer lol. With mak2chi I “go siddon full ground” (in other words…I’ll be unique).

But more than that, I want to challenge myself to take blogging much more seriously with my own website. I have enjoyed the trip so far and I have learnt so much!.…talk of tweaking Java/html script, design, and the actual writing. Learning to write responsibly: good grammar, spelling and making your opinions based on facts. I am also making new friends: wonderful, funny, serious fellow bloggers. You can never have too many I assure you!

Thank you. Yes I’m talking to you!  Who take the time to make comments to my posts, respond to comments I make on your posts and respond to personal mails from total strangers. I appreciate you all.

Google being such a great chum will helpfully redirect to automatically, but you could also help me by re-subscribing to my feeds and/or mail. etc etc.
And if you want to know how I did it, just send me a mail. Its easy peasy.

Thank you, Thank you for stopping by and do come back!

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