Thursday, July 8, 2010

King Herod's sin: Rashness or Cowardice

I think the Roman times were filled with barbaric yet cowardly men. No wonder Jesus stood out from them all in those days. He said it as it was and was not afraid of anyone. He condemned wrongdoing but not the person and forgave. What made me think of Romans anyway?

I was reading Scripture about the beheading of John the Baptist. What do you think was Herod’s sin: Foolishness, Rashness or Cowardice?
In swearing the oath to his daughter he displayed a high degree of rashness and yeah foolishness. I mean your step-daughter danced beautifully sooo???? She didn’t save the world, it wasn’t a thing of valor, she probably inspired lust in the men watching.
So why reward her so bountifully? I mean look at his addendum: “even if you ask for half of my kingdom” [I do wish I had such a generous earthly father]. The Bible did not say it but that guy was surely drunk or high on hashish.
Okay, he made a rash promise, but when your daughter asks you to commit murder and serve it on a dish, Hello dad? Where was the admonishment? Where was the ‘No Daughter, you go too far, I cannot kill a man for you. and surely not John, a man who is much respected even by I, and far wiser than you’
Was keeping that reckless promise more important than loosing face?

P.S. Maybe I am worrying my head too much. Based on historical accounts and the Roman themed movies we’ve seen: (Spartacus, Gladiators, 300, The Robe, Ben Hur, Quo Vadis) etc the life of a man was worth nothing in those days. If they could feed humans/slaves/prisoners to lions then gifting John the Baptist’s head to his daughter was probably an honorable kind of exit.

Thank you Lord for the age of freedom and compassion we live in.


  1. I think it's much more challenging, and therefore a far larger sign of strength to withhold violence and other barbaric acts. Or maybe I'm just too chicken to get in a fight.

  2. I also think he was very rash and cowardly. Even he knew he shouldn't have...

  3. Gee, this was quite a refreshing read! Never really thought of it like that, that John the Baptist gist. Will be back definitely!!!



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