Friday, July 16, 2010

Little Landry Allbright

I am ashamed to admit this…I just saw the movie ConAir for the first time yesternight. Awesome movie.
Do I really have to tell the story? About convicts led by Grissom ‘the Virus’ who hijacked a US Marshall ‘Jailbird’ flight during their transfer to a Super-maximum prison.
About Poe (Nicolas Cage) a former army ranger who had just finished an 8 yr sentence and was on his way home coincidentally on his little girl’s (Landry Allbright) birthday. He deliberately misses his escape connection and undertakes to save the world from the convicts. Yay!
For an action/thriller flick, ConAir fulfilled its promise. Enough explosions, emotions, fights, twists, wit and comic moments to make for steadfast viewing.
That’s all I’m gonna say. and that John Cusack was really cute in ConAir.

Back to Landry. She barely had 3 scenes but I was most impressed by the last scene when she met her father for the first time. I didn’t know what to expect – probably a little girl screaming ‘Daddy’ or something. But she nailed it. Shy, fear, awe, and some bashfulness. I was impressed enough to Google her. Expecting to see this -
But shockingly found this - 
Con air was 13 years ago, dumdum!! (that’s for me).
She’s surprisingly been in only a couple of movies since ConAir – How the Grinch stole Christmas, Beautiful and a whole lot of TV series - Malcolm in the middle, The Invisible Man, Spin City, The Bold and beautiful.
What happened to her?
Well, she’s still got some years to go. Hope she gets to be in a winner soon!


  1. She's at Emerson College

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