Sunday, July 25, 2010

NKOTB: Karate Kid

Plot: 12 yr old Dre and mom have relocated to Beijing to pursue new opportunities and kid is typically unhappy about leaving the ‘familiar’ and old friends. He quickly gets into trouble with the local karate gang for showing too much interest in the local girl. With the support of the maintenance man he strikes a bargain with the gang that they would let him be if he wins the Kung Fu tournament.
Wow: What is it about kid actors that just makes me feel like Columbus discovering America? You see that child and all the potential s/he has got and you get so excited and pray it is used well and that the stardom endures. Errr. Lindsay Lohan is not a good example. MJ is my best example of talent that had staying power. Then Drew Barrymore. Chloe Morentz(Kick ass), Abigail Breislin(My sister’s keeper) Can’t think of more I know there are.
Now Jaden Smith. First this young man has got the sweetest bits of pink on his face - his lips. He's also got attitude with a capital A and I dont think it was feigned (Forgive, he is Will and Jada’s son afterall). But you gotta give it to him he must have worked REALLY HARD - PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY FOR THIS ROLE - learning KungFu and speaking Chinese with a passable accent ain’t a piece of cake. He gets a 10 from me for effort.
Jackie Chan is a great teacher. I've noticed he has an affinity with kids especially in this case when he is teaching what he obviously loves. He looks good too.
Ginger scores it 7/10. This is an excellent movie for the family. It has a lot of heart and chuckles. I do forsee a rise in lil boys requesting karate classes or a vacation in scenic China. Sorry Mommies.

p.s. muttering aloud: Why all the beefing about Daddy Will Smith sponsoring a movie for his son? Does the boy have a modicum of talent? Yes. A lot more than a modicum. If you were a parent and you could, wouldn’t you do the same for your son? One thing is for sure, if the young man has talent, It will outlive his father’s money. Moreover, its long overdue we have a lil’ black kid acting meaty roles in movies don’t you think?

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