Saturday, July 3, 2010

Of Castration and Man

I read with glee the news article about the approval of castration in pedophiles in Poland. Yay! where are my clamps and ball squashers?!
Do I hear an ouch?
Only to find out it was a chemical castration wtf? Long hiss. And I am now finding out that chemical castration has been in use since 1996 some states in America(California, Texas, Massachusetts, Maryland, Florida) damn! My hopes of becoming Chief Ball Breaker of the Ministry of Justice has just come crashing down.

The idea behind the chemo way is a once in month or once in 3month- injection of Depo provera (the more popular drug of choice) to the convict...The drug inhibits testosterone production, reduces sexual urges and recidivism rates fall to 5%.

A little history and biology: Testo is the hormone behind the male persona- baritone, chest and jaw hair, extra abs, muscle tone, libido, sperm production.
The hormones of the body work in synergy so a decrease in testosterone causes an increase in progesterone (the major feminizing hormone) in the male or an increase in progesterone suppresses the production of testosterone (which is how the Depo provera works).

Now what is my bone of contention with this drug or method:
Mr. Pedophile is not going to become Mommy dearest after this treatment. He may become docile, add some weight, have pendulous boobs, suffer some progesterone related bone loss(osteoporosis – what women normally go through) but
He can still get aroused – arousal is psychological isn’t it?
He can still get an erection
He can still ejaculate
And best – for the diehard pedophile - the effects of the drug are reversed when it is discontinued OR can be counteracted by use of androgen stimulating drugs.

Ever wondered why your Vet encourages you to castrate Bingo the dog before he is 6mths? Cos after 6mths his sexuality has become well developed. He has learnt to sniff out and run after the gals. So a castration at that age wouldn’t  stop that learned behavior; it would just stop him from getting them pregnant.
So also a typical adult pedophile who has had years to nurture this evil habit. Sexual Abuse be it of children or adults isn’t about tiny willies requiring tinier vaginas. It’s about a perversion to destroy that which is pure and innocent and weaker than yourself.
It’s about power albeit the lowest kind of cowardice.

Do I think this procedure works?
Plenty doubts.
So the thing is…. If we have to castrate why not use the more painful method at least; coupled with a nice long stay behind bars. Now that would be just cool with me.  


  1. Convicted paedophiles should be put away for as long as the innocents they violate bear the scars of such wicked acts - and that is forever. P/S: is this crime only committed by men?

  2. @Ify - No, it isnt sadly. Wish I could think of an appropriate female part to crush. Its just so evil...



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