Saturday, July 17, 2010

Polarised about this Polanski affair

Warning - this is a long post! My stance on what should be done to Polanski has been yo-yoing since I heard about it in 2009 following his arrest in Zurich. I didn’t follow it chronologically, so that could explain why. 
If you’ve not heard about the matter please read and cringe. If you have; you may have come to the conclusions I did.


I first heard about the Polanski case from news about his burgeoning apologists-fellow celebrities. Disappointingly, people I admired. What part of Evil genius don’t they understand?
Whoopi Goldberg
Martin Scorcese
Tilda Swinton
Debra Winger
David Lynch
Jeff Wells: “Has Polanski suffered at all for his crime, apart from going to jail for 42 days in 1977? Of course he has. The crime has been haunting his head and heart for 32 years and it has defined the political and geographical limits of his life and career for same amount of time — more than half his adult life. He’s lived as a fugitive, a restricted man, a hider in the shadows — never a good thing for anyone in a spiritual sense.
But in the minds of the haters, Polanski hasn’t begun to suffer enough. They’re determined to lash him to the rack and keep him there. They want Pilgrim justice, flayings, black caps, thumbscrews, howls and clanging metal doors. YES! (me)

Woody Allen- "It's something that happened many years ago... he has suffered.... He has paid his due," Allen told French radio station RTL. Allen of course would perfectly understand. After all he married his adopted daughter Soon Yi… I don’t want to go into what I think might have been going on in that home (How long it had been going on for example) before Mia found out.

The British Broadcasting Corp. in 1978  quoted Polanski as saying by telephone, "I've been tortured by this for a year and that's enough." This was immediately after his escape to his chateau in France

Me - Gimme a break! Genius should never be an excuse to be exempt from justice. If he is truly a genius, jail could never have killed his creativity. Who said he can’t write or direct from jail. Jeffery Archer did it, didn’t he?


This was when I became appraised of the facts of the conviction:
Polanski fled to Paris after being indicted in 1977 on six counts
of drugging a minor, committing a lewd act upon a person less than 14, rape of a minor, rape by use of a drug, oral copulation and sodomy. All the charges are felonies.
The minor was 13 yr old Samantha Geimer, whom he lured to Jack Nicholson's empty house.
Polanski told the girl he wanted to photograph her for Vogue, but instead gave her Quaaludes and champagne and took her to bed. He maintained she was a Lolita who knew all about sex and drugs.
Facing up to 50 years in prison if convicted at trial, Polanski pleaded guilty to one count of statutory rape the least charge. The other five counts were dismissed.
Polanski spent 42 days out of the 90 days stipulated under psychiatric observation. But just before sentencing, facing a possible 50 years in jail, he jumped bail.
His reason being that he had heard that the Judge was about to renege on the plea agreement under which the 42 days he had spent in detention for psychiatrist assessment would have constituted his full sentence.

I saw this picture of him. And was reminded that he was 76 years old - as old as my parents. And wondered what a jail term would really serve.
The Woman, who is now married with 3 kids – has gone ahead to live a wonderful life and has asked that this page of her history be closed.
And I thought... that for all the fame and recognition he has won, this blip on his radar was a cross he has carried all his life and will carry to his grave. I’m loathe to quote Woody but maybe He has paid his dues. Being denied entry to Hollywood must be a painful cross to carry for a film maker.
Let him age in peace. Right?
Then the Swiss Government resolved the problem for everyone somehow. Albeit temporarily:
Swiss government ruled that they will not extradite him to the US to answer the 32 year old charge. Siting incomplete US records (Protection of Polanski who is a law abiding VIP of Switzerland (sic)and the fact that the victim has also said not to pressing charges) not mentioned.
CASE closed for me and him…for now right??

But just when I want to bury the whole thing, I get to read this: The transcript of an interview of Samantha Geimer by Larry King in 2003 and I practically wept. At the naivete of that young girl. Though it was 25 yrs after the event, and Samantha now older must have answered her questions from a retrospective kinda stance (you know picturing your 13 yr old self and making assumptions of why you did what you did) none of these could hide the fact that she was just a child and had acted like any awe-stricken child would have.
And that was what Polanski had stole, abused and stamped on
An excerpt:

GEIMER: I said -- well that's when I realized that something was wrong. This doesn't feel right anymore. So I told him that I needed to get out of the hot tub and that he needed to take me home because the steam was giving me an asthma attack. I just made it up.

KING: You made it up?


KING: But to get out you would have -- he would have had to seen you topless?

GEIMER: Oh, right, he photographed me topless. He'd seen me topless. I just was thinking, well this is very European, it must be all right.

KING: OK, so you -- what happened?

GEIMER: So I'm feigning my asthma attack, you know, I got out, put a towel on and everything. We walked in the house. And I was going, you know, I really don't feel good, I'm having trouble breathing. I don't remember exactly what I said.

KING: But you said drive me home?

GEIMER: And I was like, yes, I need to go home because I'm not feeling well. And then that progressed to, you know, eventually why don't you come in here an lay down into a very dark room and that's when I really realized, you know, what his intentions were.

KING: Did he forcibly rape you?

GEIMER: You know, I said no. I didn't fight him off. I said like, no, no, I don't want to go in there, no. I don't want to do this, no. And then I didn't know what else to do. We were alone. And I didn't want to -- I didn't know what would happen if I made a scene.

I was just scared and after giving some resistance figured, well, I guess I'll get to go home after this.

KING: So you completed the sexual act.

GEIMER: Right.

KING: It was just straight sex, nothing else?

GEIMER: It was all kinds of...

KING: Did you ask you to do other things?

GEIMER: He did things and I didn't do anything.

KING: So he did but you didn't.

GEIMER: Right.

KING: But then did you get dressed, he did drive you home?

GEIMER: I got dressed, he drove me home.

KING: What was said in the car?

GEIMER: He asked me -- I was crying when he came back to the car. I went to the car. He went in to speak to -- I think Anjelica Huston came home and was quite perturbed...

KING: She was with Jack at the time?

GEIMER: ... to find him there, especially with me.

KING: She saw you?

GEIMER: Real quick because I just straight to the front door, hi, out...

KING: Waited in the car?

GEIMER: And then so I was kind of crying a little bit because I was upset, I was becoming more -- I was intoxicated.

So he asked that, you know, you shouldn't tell your mom. We should keep this secret and we really didn't chat on the way home. We just drove back to my house with not a lot being said.

Evil genius indeed.

I saw this comment by Emmanuelle Seigner, Polanski’s wife following his release “I could not imagine another outcome to this affair. Today the Swiss govt have realized the injustice of this affair”.  Injustice?
Or the fact that this news was tagged Entertainment by MSNBC; Art and entertainment by BBC; Movies by NYT. As opposed to crime??
I think to the rest of the world , this was just some joke. Some chic trying to score/revenge on a celebrity.

My expectations:
·         That Polanski should be a MAN and take his sorry ass to the States to make restitutition. I promise him that in a Year’s time,-with his clout/age-all this will be behind him and he would become the greatest statesman/hero that ever lived. They might even produce a movie about it!
·         A public apology/mea culpa from Polanski: It doesn’t solve the issue but if we demanded it of Clinton, of Woods who had sex with consenting adults, how much more for him?
·         I implore him not to live this criminal legacy for his kids to follow or be reminded of.
·         Can the rest of his celebrity support train kindly just STFU and stop raising the ire of fair minded people everywhere?

1.       The victim has asked the charges be dropped, why aren’t we listening to her? Cause these were not charges anymore, he had been CONVICTED of the least minor of the 6 charges : unlawful intercourse with a minor. By running away to avoid sentencing, he committed a crime against California not against the rape victim
2.       Why is the US victimizing Polanski/ Is it cause of his high profile? Why Switzerland all of a sudden? Polanski’s case had not been on the front burner in a while. Considering the fact that a lot of ‘more important’ things are happening. You know hurricanes, land-slides, volcanic eruptions, war etc. But when he recently filed for his case to be DISMISSED on the grounds that judges presiding over the case involved in judicial misconduct, he reopened his file himself! And got the watch-dogs sniffing.


  1. Oh Ginger! I think the man is the scum of the earth. And I think his rotten ass should rot in jail. But, (and it's kind of a big but), I gather in Europe, they care less about this kind of thing. I still am disgusted by Roman. And I think he should do his time and not hide out.

  2. Awwww Linda. tell me you read this long post??! Thank you. I meant every word of it anyway. and I agree that he should do his time. even if its a month a jail. It just sends the wrong message.

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