Tuesday, July 20, 2010

RomCom Week

I love romance, I love to be romanced, I love the idea of romance but best of all I can  appreciate romance in other couples be it real or on reel.
To make a great dish, you need: a bubbling stew of boy and girl, a dash of comic situations, a drizzle of kooky friends and family, a slice of action, a soupçon of betrayal, a heap of misunderstandings, a pinch of tragic, a splash of epiphany….and voila! we have the romcom.
A million and 1 romance books and movies have followed this particular recipe. For some it works producing an airy crispy yet melts in the mouth sweet satisfying dish.
Eg. Pretty Woman.
For others it sinks in the middle like unleavened bread. unwitty dialogue, zero chemistry between hero and heroine, unbelievable exaggerated story-lines, exaggeration, dumb girl, dumb guy, lazy plot, annoying characters. 
Eg. Back up plan
I saw the Romcom LEAP YEAR recently. It was like gulps of cool water to a parched palate.
Anna Brady is a hardworking, 'always has a plan' kinda girl who has been dating this cardiologist, Jeremy for four years. Boyfriend is being slow on the uptake about making a firm commitment so she decides to give him a leg up and travel to Dublin where Jeremy is attending a congress do the proposing herself on Feb 29th (The only day ladies are allowed to do the proposing). On her very hiccupy journey she meets Declan, an unfriendly Innkeeper.
Wow: I thought with the fluffy name and premise it was based on, that it would be a silly movie. But it wasn’t. I feel the concept of the female control freak was better illustrated in Leap Year by Amy than by Katharine Heigl in “The Ugly Truth”. But maybe both are talking different things??
Anyway Amy Adams as Anna stole my heart. Her performance was excellent. Her looks were so fresh and simple. I could almost swear she had no make-up on throughout the movie. 
She and Matthew had great chemistry not the sizzlingly lets take our clothes off kind. Matthew Goode was definitely likeable in a home boy rude kinda way. Not Gerard Butler bad boy rude :-)
Other delightful accessories of a good Romcom:
The goofy characters - Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum?
The scenery
And like in great romantic movies were a song, line, verse stands out and binds itself irrevocably to that movie like
I say a little prayer for you -  The Best friend’s wedding
Here’s looking at you kid – Casablanca
And I am telling you – Dream girls
Here’s the verse that got me:

If you must Steal
Steal away my sorrows
If you must Lie
Lie with me all the days of my life
And if you must Cheat
Please Cheat death cause I couldn’t live a day without you.

(The bride said this to her husband at the reception).


  1. I've been kicking against this movie for a while but maybe I will see it. I compared it to Accidental husband and that is not my best romcom.

  2. Kicking against? why na? you dont believe a girl should propose :-D. Accidental Husband? I have togo check that one out. I just love romcoms esp when it is cooked well.

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