Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thriller - A cruel Picture

I kinda looked forward to seeing this movie. Heard it was Quentin Tarantino’s inspiration for the Kill Bill Volumes. Also heard that it was banned in Sweden cause of its ‘graphic violence’. Now I really don’t love watching violence for its sake -especially when I ‘d been pre-warned- but it was QT’s inspiration right?
Plot: A girl who has been a victim of sexual abuse from her childhood to adulthood decides to take revenge on her abusers.
Wow: None really. Frightening? what a laff? The scenes were drawn out and oft repeated. Guess the title picture was to be taken literally. Dialogues were few and far between and in Dutch. The score was typical of the 80s with an increased tempo heralding scenes of violence – which was pretty much throughout the movie and grated on my nerves no end.
Urgh: I expected graphic violence but met graphic sexual scenes. Which were plain porn and gratuitous. The circumstances so laboriously depicted was enough for us to acknowledge her abused position. The copulatory scenes did not add to it.
The much reported vividly graphic scene where her eye was plucked out was not watched by me. (eye violence makes me right squeamish)
The revenge scenes are pretty blah for our time. I guess in the 70s that was pretty groundbreaking. But now - I could be watching paint dry!
The biggest fault this movie had was not bringing out any empathy in the audience (me). Christina’s act was listless. I couldn’t just empathize with her pains like I did with Precious and when you miss that, the revenge sort of falls flat.
Ginger scores it: 5.2/10

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