Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth has received a lot of flack from these good men and women; The Movie BrosEric Snider, Shakesville which just makes me sad :-). Cos I really liked it and for the record, the Proposal pales in comparison.
Did it follow the Romcom recipe? To the last note.
Did you laugh yep. Lots. That vibrator scene in the restaurant was funny.
Did you relate to it? yeah. Yours truly has read her fair share of Understanding men’ self help books. plus Cosmo tips on ‘how to get him licking your heels after the first hello’ so yes I could relate to Kate. And to Mike's Ugly truth. Most men and even women are first attracted to the other person by what they SEE. That is the ugly truth. (The lie is that looks and sex are synonymous).
Plot: In Sacramento, prim and proper Morning Show producer Abby Richter who is romantically challenged is forced to hire a talk show host of a controversial late night call-in show host Mike Chadway of “The Ugly Truth” to help improve her show’s ratings. She does not believe in his touted cave man advice about what men really want from women  - Sex - till she agrees to a bet which involves taking lessons from him. It works …. But she now has to live with the lie she created.
Wow: It was refreshingly funny. Kate had this prim Barbie personality thing going on which was initially annoying. I guess it made us appreciate her transformation from robotic prima Barbie to shy sex pot the more. Gerard Butler was the big bad wolf to her lil’ red riding hood.
It wasn’t sappy. It had enough crude jokes to make the male viewers happy. And for the female viewers: enough eye candy to drool over.
From Nate Corddry who showed briefly at the beginning to John Higgins to Dr Colin – Eric Winter. You know, 3 single attractive men in a romcom isn’t regular?! (The norm is a perfect male lead to drool over with his unshaven less cool friends to underscore his awesomeness). I think that’s a testament to Gerard Butts coolness. Also for a generic romcom, there was a point I actually couldn’t predict who she was going to choose. Dr Colin or Big bad Mike. Honestly. 
Urgh: Feminists felt Bad boy Mike's idea of what men want was sexist, chauvinistic, Neanderthal etc etc etc.(this poster didnt help matters) I agree of course but hey this movie wasn’t meant to be taken seriously. If I want to stand up in arms over this, I have to first burn my stash of Penny Jordan and Anne Mather books. Lol. These Mills &Boon legends shaped a generation of girls who love big bad bad wolves not Romcoms!
Ginger scores It: 6.8/10


  1. i kinda liked the movie....
    but again, hated the fact that the main chick hooked up with her "mentor" at the end of the movie. SUCH A CLICHE! hate cliches.... the whole thing was foreseen...... *puhh*

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