Thursday, July 1, 2010

When Ginger met SATC

I read this blog post about reviewers who were making digs at SJP's looks and it got me reminiscing about how I met Sarah Jessica Parker.

In dem days (about 5yrs ago?), Series were privy to only those who could afford DSTV’s premium subscription. Then thanks to my pirating Ibo brothers and their Chinese counterparts, bootlegs DVDs of complete seasons started proliferating and thus the popularity of Prison Break, 24, Desperate Housewives, Sex and the City (SATC), Girlfriends, House and a host of others in Nigeria. Infact, I believe we are now ahead of the game in the west - getting complete seasons hot from the reel at $2 max.

So why this pre-ramble, my first date with the SATC crew that’s what.
I was a fan of Cosmo magazine most of my growing years; and SATC was a constant reference by her columnists. So too dear Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha, SATC’s most notorious stars.
I thought Carrie was ugly. Yes I said it. Her facial features though individually beautiful just didn’t not mesh well. Face too long, too angular, legs to muscular, lips too wide, eyes too deep set. cheekbones too high, body just awkward.

Then I bought the Season I of SATC. My prim self was blushing [if this chocolatey skin could actually do that] by the 3rd episode. I was like what??!!! “these gals have the morals of alley cats”. I didn’t finish the season. I ejected the DVD and hid it under my clothes.
My dream of passing my find to my sis crumbled like toast. I was actually feeling protective….I didnt want to sully her innocent mind.
 Then Sis came back one Friday evening with Seasons 1-4 (talk about going gung ho!). I didn’t have the heart to tell her " just bought girly porn". So I pretended I wasn’t interested.
The next morning she started the marathon session of DVD watching while I pretended to read a novel and wondered why she was giggling so. Next thing, she comes to my room and was like “Ginger you have to come watch this”. I reluctantly went to join her. It was the episode in season 2 or 3?? where Carrie went for a friend’s baby shower and was told to leave her Mahnolo shoes outside and it got stolen and she came up with a “I’m getting married to myself” party to get it back. I was hooked.

I re-watched that first season and all the subsequent seasons and fell hook, line and sinker for the girls and Mr. Big and all the stupid men they ever dated.
Big represented the men we were bottle fed on as teenagers - if you were a lover of romance novels, you’d understand- Bad boy, handsome, rich, romantic and tantalizingly aloof.
Carrie was my “dizzy sometimes makes wrong relationship choices, loves shoes, has a ‘unique” sense of style, not perfect but reliable best girlfriend”.
Samantha was the no holds no punches - say it as it is - I shall have sex when, where and how I want it without regrets - girlfriend.
Charlotte and Miranda were a mix that reminded me of myself: sometimes selfish, sometimes childish, sometimes beautiful, sometimes prudish, sometimes confident, sometimes not, too thin, too plump, sometimes imperfect, silly, thinks her life is incomplete without a man, alternates between distancing myself from Carrie and Samantha and being envious of their freedom and readiness to keep looking for love (Carrie at least).
Charlotte was the prettiest of the bunch agreed, but Carrie had my heart.

Today, a colleague wanted to copy the SATC Movie file from my hard drive. Said colleague and I had bonded over books. But not so much over movies.
Anyway, she was like “ohhh I want to see that”?
As you can see, I have a proprietary love for SATC. So for me it was like sending my baby out for a weekend with another family. I wondered if she would truly appreciate it… it…laugh appropriately (Charlotte having diarrhea at the resort)? Would she cry when Big didn’t show up at the wedding? Would she understand why it was a tragic? - Cause I know it might not be as significant for someone who had not followed the series. You understand don’t you???
Well, I gave her the movie file but I know our fledgling friendship is being tested. If she makes any undesirable comment about my dear SATC………there will be war!!!

I am yet to watch SATC 2. My sis said she liked it. So I might just end up liking it despite reviews to the contrary. 
But I really wish they had ended it with SATC with Carrie & Big ‘ happily married’ ever after. 


  1. Yep I watched the complete DVD's too myself and I loved it, still do infact. I am yet to see the movie though, I want to prepare for it- like get all 2 and watch it one weekend while thinking of nothing and no one else *sigh*
    For some reason I am not big on Big-yeah he is your perfect novel Mr right but I prefer Adrian (that's his name right) he is the dependable sort of guy that will love you and yours for life even if you are bringing in 45% he is willing and happy to bring in 100% *shame faced*
    I like to think I am Miranda who secretly envys Samantha and has her Carrie moments every now and them :D
    Yes! I am a big SATC fan and can sit down and watch the complete DVD's all over again.

  2. Another SATC fan!
    I still watch SATC reruns with nostalgia. It was quirky good fun. it is still quirky good fun no matter how many times i watch it!
    p.s. yeah I thought she and Adrian made a great couple and probably shed a few tears but ..quoting Woody Allen - the heart loves whom it chooses to love. and her heart chose Big despite his royal mess ups.

    Thanks for bringing me back to this post.



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