Saturday, August 21, 2010

Adam is clueless - Grown ups

Grown ups (2010) is about the reunion of former basketball team mates (Chris Rock, Kevin James, David Spade, Rob Schneider) who are now grownups, at the death of their former Coach.
Plot: what plot? I just told ya. It’s about a reunion of 4 former basket ball team mates. that’s it. don’t expect any subplot or surprises. No sire. It’s a long video recording of the families as they holiday together over the fourth of July weekend, catching up and revealing old and new peccadilloes. Towards the end it became a sappy marriage renewal of sorts.
It was like watching a houseful of men and women reading out one liners from a 101 politically incorrect Joke book. With everyone fighting for their turn - ‘Me! me!’. ‘No, my turn’. ‘No, it was your turn last time’. Boob jokes, food jokes, sex jokes, infantile tricks, Arrow roulette (loved that one actually)!
I can imagine a group of guys watching this and relating. The four friends were good together. The wives were a harder mix. But the kids - kids just know how to get things together don’t they?.
The sub-focus on kids of ‘now’ not appreciating the joys of outdoors was appreciated by me. Too much internet and video games…hello? The snootiness of demanding Voss water in a burger joint....hehehe
All in all, I am just so happy I watched this at home sitting on a comfy sofa with a can of coke and chicken kebabs. And how did your day go?
Ginger scores it 5/10


  1. You sure do watch a lot of movies

  2. I have not seeing this movie. I kinda like Kick-Ass. I recently watched Illusionist, August Rush and Butterfly -on - Wheel and I love them. I am sure they are not recent movies...

  3. Nwanne mmadu. Whassup? I do love watching movies - its entertaining and keeps me from going out into the horrid traffic :-).

    Hey Standtall. you kinda like Kick-ass?? What!!! I loved Kick ass. Hit girl just stole my heart.
    I don't really care for dates - good movies are timeless!

  4. Baby, see Mila Jovavich in "45". It's awesome! She's awesome! You are awesome! (But then you are my daughter so what else would I expect?)

  5. First, I want your chicken recipe. Second, I am so tired right now after the crazy weekend that the word "peccadilloes" made my brain swim. LOL!

  6. Damn you put ebert and roeper to looking forward to watching it though...especially the peeing in the pool part.

  7. Hey Katharine, dont mind me. not sure I know what peccadilloes mean too. It sorta popped into my head. Thought it was a type of

    LL, you damn me with praise. Ebert eh? *preening still* Thanks. That peeing in the pool part was really really funny. Talk of 'Agbayas' - Old men who should know better.



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