Saturday, August 21, 2010

Adam's Alltime Best - Click

Click 2006
Plot: Michael Newman(Adam) has it all – the loving wife (Kate Beckinsale), 2 kids-Ben and Samantha, a job he loves doing which also has great career prospects. But he was also ambitious and had bought into the lie – work you’re a$$ off, make partner and then life/family follows. As his self absorbed boss Ammer(Hasselhoff) offloads his workload on him, Newman finds it increasingly difficult to set time aside to spend with his family. Following a frustrating bout with the remote control one night, he heads off to the nearest electronic shop in search of a universal remote control which can power all the electronic devices in his home.
Bed Bath and Beyond’s enigmatic employee/inventor Morty(Christopher Walken) gives him more than he bargained for. An RC that has complete control over the TV and Stereo and even his life.
He finds the remote control has the power to muffle the family dog’s bark, zoom past a quarrel with his wife, zoom past a tiresome dinner with his parents, allows him to travel back and forth through time. Initially being able to ffwd through unappealing parts of daily existence is exhilarating….till Michael realizes that he is also skipping through the good parts in fact he has lost control and the remote is now taking him through life on auto pilot.
Wow: This was Adam Sandler at his best.  If you’ve been neglecting your loved ones, get ready for a guilt trip.
I laughed, then I cried. yep, Adam does sappy really sappily well. Then I laughed again. And when I finished that movie I called/sent texts to my siblings and friends…just because I care.
The saddest thing about Click's message is that those who really need to see it are probably too busy to do something as retarded as watch a movie. Go figure.
Ginger scores  it 8/10


  1. He's not my fav, but on your recommendation, I'll see this one, Ginger.

  2. Come on.. I enjoyed 'Click' very much, but to call it Sandler's all time best... that's taking it too far. I mean... if you look at the typical Adam Sandler style movies, Happy Gilmore, or The Wedding Singer, or even the Waterboy would be better... Click would rate about as high as Mr. Deeds. On the non-slapstick front, The Longest Yard would be better than Click. And if you want to include the atypical drama genre for Sandler, Spanglish would still fare much higher. I still liked Click, but it's not as great as how you've rated it. Of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong. :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by Hammy. I knew I will get flack from an avid moviegoer, Hehehe. Gosh you just rated 6 movies in one sentence. Wow!
    I need to see Wedding singer again - as an adult, maybe I'll appreciate it more. Havent seen Happy Gilmore, though i have heard it referenced as Adam's best. Hope to do so soon.
    For me, its not just about the acting/plot. I would rate a movie high when it leaves me with a memorable message. Click did that.



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