Sunday, August 15, 2010

Atithi Tum Ka Jaaoge

Nooo, I’m not writing in a secret magic language that turns you, dear reader, into a frog.
It’s Hindi for ‘Dear Guest, when will you leave?’.
Plot: Atithi Tum Kab Jaaoge is a Bollywood comedy about a happy young couple Puneet and Munmun and their little son living in Mumbai – and luckily far from visiting relatives and their troubles.
The little boy’s wish for a guest to visit comes true in the form of a distant relative Lambodai Bajpai. He comes bearing gifts of irrepressible farts, religion, olde world chauvinism and an unwillingness to go home despite obvious hints. You join the family through their hilarious schemes to get Uncle to go home.
When it finally happens, there’s  a lesson to be learnt by all the family well, except Uncle Lambodai!
-         Savor the old amongst us especially their eccentricities that make us want to hit our head on the wall, or cringe with embarrassment, CAUSE you won’t always have them with you. Go watch, especially with your kids. There's a lot we can learn about being good hosts from India.
Wow: This is a decent production from Bollywood and Warner Bros. Movie was colorful and quite song-full - I got glassy-eyed at a point! Paresh Rawal (the guest) is a damned good actor. He stole all his scenes with his rather diminutive presence and excessiveness. I also enjoyed seeing the colorful religious festival....cant remember the name. 
Good editing would have made the movie a steal at 90mins but its 115mins and like JG told me – Indians don’t go to the cinemas to see a short movie. They want their money's worth in the movie length!
Ginger Scores it: 6.5/10
Finally, the perfect movie to end today with. Have a great week everyone!


  1. I adore Bollywood movies. They crack me up! I love how colorful they always are.

  2. lol. They do have their moments. I also admire the multi-million dollar music industry it supports. I actually use bollywood ringtones!



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