Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bare Knuckles

Its been long since I watched such an appalling movie. Bare Knuckles. I watched it cos it was supposedly based on a true life story despite the fact it was b rated and had a mostly unknown cast. I should have known better.
Storyline is one you can predict from a mile off, if you’ve seen the Rocky series, Champ - reluctantly fighting in bouts to make money and save your family from - the wicked landlord - the frowning Banker - or pay medical bills in this case. Then that final fight that makes or breaks you.
Urgh, where do I begin:
The Heroine: Samantha’s (Jeanette Roxborough) performance wasn’t remarkable in anyway. She limped through the movie. In the scene where she was refusing to fight cause she couldn’t abandon her commitments, she starts weeping and I didn’t see one teary drop. An actress that can’t even feign tears? I thought that was the basic audition for female leads. Lol.
I never even saw a connect between her and the cherished daughter that she was risking her limbs for. You know - those sappy scenes they normally throw in to make you empathise with the love between mother and child. zilch. nada
Oh yes kid was supposed to be mentally challenged too. Well the only challenge I saw was that she had a permanent pout and made faces while eating.
The trainer cum manager – usually the main support cast in this kind of movie - Sonny Cool(Martin Kove) had no connect with her. At least there should be some excitement. Either for the money, power or fame. He showed none. Bloody stilted acting.
The trainings -  usually a high point in these movies – well, a few punches here and there. No build ups, no exercise. They didn’t even try and make it appear a tad bit professional. A ballet dancer has tougher training. Heck even cheerleaders.
The fights - Now those were a laugh. Worst fight choreography I have ever seen. You see the punches coming a mile away. You even see the misses. And yes they proved a new theory -  sounds travel faster than light. You actually hear the punches before they happen. Wounds show after the fight and opponents fall before they are hit.
The bare knuckle fighting ladies: The girls sure had mean faces. They also had flabs - I kid you not – well, some of them.
Oh well, that’s what I get for supporting the female side. But I wont give up. I can't give up.
Ginger scores it 2/10

Oops JG has slept off again. Let me wake him..
Ooops I feel bad. Little girl is actually Jeanette’s real life daughter who is deaf and mute. Now that has me even more perplexed. How come I didn’t feel that connection in the movie?


  1. I'm glad I read this one. My husband will frequently choose something based on the title! You just saved us $5 rental fee! Thanks Ginger!

  2. Happy to oblige Linda. Some movie titles are just flash and no substance..... and men just love those ones. Wonder why.



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