Saturday, August 21, 2010

Big Daddy Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler is not exactly one of my favourite actors or producers. Not that I have a favorite. If you can help me forget my tiredness or troubles for 90mins, I will love you. But there’s just something irreverent and silly and unpredictable about him that makes you watch his movies - even if it’s to convince yourself that you were right about him being irreverent, silly, unpredictable and funny.
Big Daddy 1999 - Adam Sadler at his mean best!
Plot: Sonny Koufax (Adam) is a lazy law school grad living on a windfall from a successful lawsuit. He is also a dickhead who gets on the last nerve of every female around him including his girlfriend. And he doesn’t really care or pretends not to.
Then a 5yrold boy gets parceled to his home. Result of a wild romance by his friend/room mate who is about to get married. Adam pretends to be his daddy and thus gets to keep him. His plan: to show his gf that he was a loving kinda guy. And could be a great dad.
Wow: The interestingly unpredictable part of the movie was his interaction with Frankenstein (yep that’s the kid’s name choice). They get up to all sorts of evil pranks that I am loathe to allow my future kids watch in case they think it’s cool and copy it. like the saliva trick ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. My nephew would enjoy that.
Urgh: Then comes the sappy part where the truth is discovered and sonny is taken away from him. From there it tsunami-ed into a cliched courtroom scene and ending. 
Still worth a viewing in spite of that...
Ginger scores it 6/10


  1. I've never seen this but might now. Maybe he (Adam) needs a second look.

  2. He does have his 'look-able' moments, Linda. And if you want to see what happens 'when daddy looks after the kid' this is it.



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