Sunday, August 15, 2010

Centurion 2010

This is not my usual Sunday fare. Given a choice I would do a romcom or cartoon but JG wanted to see this so I obliged him. Guess who saw the movie to the end and who slept off halfway?
Plot: The tales of Rome and their battles to conquer and maintain their hold on the worlds’ territories are myriad. This time, its 114AD and the Picts (savage Celtic inhabitants of the Scottish highlands) led by their king Gorlacon were fighting to break free of the roman tyranny. This they were achieving through ambushes, guerilla warfare and a mute she-devil called Etain(Olga Kurylenko). Etain’s vengeful quest to annihilate Roman soldiers is fueled by a personal history colored by the Roman’s inhumanity to her and her murdered family. They are also the reason for her mutilated tongue.
The Roman governor dispatches a Ninth legion led by General Titus Virilus (Dominic West) and later by Quintus Dais(Michael Fassbender) - the sole survivor of a Pict raid saved by Titus - to deal with the insurgent Celts.
Wow: The battle that ensues is bloody, fast and furious. There were moments of bravery, suspense, betrayals and counter betrayals.
Olga gave an excellent performance as mute Etain. And I can’t deny that I was most pleased to be spared the usual female shrills and screams.. She still managed to give loud grunts in close combat but that was all :-).
Neil Marshall thankfully understood that viewers would weary of all that grim and ugliness. So he gave us Arianne(Imogen Poots). The most beautiful human in this movie followed by Quintus of course - that mostly due to him being the narrator so we got to see and feel things through his eyes. That his body was drool-worthy helped too. :-p
Urgh: The dialogue wasn’t witty nor memorable. And seeing very English looking men (with trademark bad teeth) in savage battle sorta confused me. It’s not 300 but it was a decent effort at 90mins.
Ginger scores it 6.5/10
More movie reviews coming your way...the weekend is not over yet!

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