Thursday, August 19, 2010

I've been Salt-ed

What with all the news about Russian spies that were caught and sent home, this movie was rather too timely. Eerie coincidence huh?
Plot: Salt is about Evelyn Salt a CIA agent turned fugitive following an accusation that she was actually a Russian spy with a mission to kill the president of Russia. But that was actually a tip of the iceberg.
The ultimate scheme was setting off a chain reaction which would make America a target for destruction by vengeful nations worldwide.
Wow: Action, action and more action. Story was fast paced and kept you guessing. Angelina was a consummate spy - lithe, fast, and adept at makeovers.
And those huge soulful eyes of hers which tell you nothing and sometimes too much. Her lips looked like they were attacked by bees just before the shooting began. Lol.
Homeboy Chinwetel did great too as the doubting agent Peabody. I heart him!.
Urgh: I didn’t much like the ending. Though the other option would have been the clichéd stuff.
All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable spy ride and my best Angelina Jolie movie to date. Hope she’s put some flesh on those bones post production….
Go watch.
Ginger scores it 7/10


  1. Alex and I saw this last weekend. I really enjoyed it. It was not all that "plot heavy" but AJ has the presence to carry an action film and I love her anyway. It was a fun ride.

    On the other hand, I had high expectations for "Inception" and found it a bore and contrived.

  2. I loved SALT, have always loved AJ since Tomb Raider, Wanted was fantastic too.

  3. @Linda, more and more people are 'very reluctantly' confessing to not getting the inception plot. haha
    Hey Myne. good to see you here. I thot 'Wanted' was great too also 'Original Sin'.
    Cant say I love AJ, but I admire her a great deal.

  4. You are the best... That is the exact score I gave the movie after I saw it today

  5. Been salted too. Nice movie



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