Saturday, August 28, 2010

Made For Each Other

Plot - Dan(Chris Masterson) in his 3rd month of no sex post marriage has a moment of weakness and has casual sex with another woman. He then decides to rectify the situation by finding the right man to seduce his wife into an affair so they can even out on the infidelity stake.

Trust a guy to come up with this kinda of idea right??….. wrong. Women do too!

The first scenes were funny enough. with all the neighbors and colleagues interested in finding out if his luck in the bed stakes had turned. And how everything just reminds you of your ‘not getting some’ situation. I could relate. Recently a male friend's fb status was about him being envious of the grasshoppers he saw copulating on his car windscreen. Lol.
Wow - Variety reviewed it as Wryly hilarious, completely overboard and unpredictable”. Very generous.  The only unpredictable twist was the 2 minutes of confession by wife in the 75th minute. Now that got a wow from me. The ‘wryly hilarious’ and ‘completely overboard’ – that’s a reviewer gone overboard with praise.
Urgh - Dan is supposed to be one goofy antics -no laughs guy but he just annoyed the heck out of me. I couldn’t even go all fuzzy about him and dream of him leaving his girlfriend  wife for me.
Hey Directors/writers, in case you didn’t know, that’s a key ingredient of Romcoms. A male lead we can weave fantasies about. We need to think he is hot and sweet and lovable. If he is not, why would we care if his wife hasn’t bonked him 3months into marriage?
Ginger scores it 3.5/10
Movie did make me remember a girlfriend of mine who’s first time jitters lasted 3 months after the wedding. What!!!!!!!!! Yep. 3months and they had dated for 2yrs without it too. Poor guy.
JG said those are valid reasons for divorce. Ha. I call it love. What’s 3 months in a lifetime of togetherness? Barf. Deep down I do confess that Dan's moment of weakness is more realistic of events.
Whaddaya think?


  1. It sounds pretty dumb to me too, Ginger!

  2. It is. :-p. It was only worth the mention cause it reminded me of the friend with the jitters.

  3. LOL...where did you get this cartoon??????



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