Friday, August 20, 2010

Morbid thoughts

I’ve been having morbid thoughts recently. In fact most of yesterday.
What was I thinking?
So what if something really bad happens to moi, and some miscreant got hold of my bag before you can say Jack Robinson (thus taking away my phones, laptop and Ids).
1)How will people identify me? 2)How will they know who to contact?
I don’t have siblings here with me in Lagos. Nor do I have a crowd of friends like back in college who check on my daily activities. There are close family friends but not the type that call you every day - monthly more like it. and our police/security/tracing systems are not reliable.
My only hope is JG. Who calls me at some points during the day. He will know something is wrong when I don’t call back. And maybe alert the police and my family. But he doesn’t even have their numbers. Ok maybe he will call Jun. who will then call my family…. hmmm. Maybe
3)How about my online friends? FB, Blog. Will they think I went on a blogging break or something. How will they know?
Well, I got a little hint.
A random ex colleague from Uni left me an offline message on FB yesternight. ‘Did you hear about Ese?’ and I think who is Ese??
Oh yeah Charles Ese. A mutual colleague from Uni. What coulda happened? So I check his FB page and I saw condolence messages on his wall. He had died on Wednesday (RIP). A friend of his had broken the news through an announcement on his wall. Well, that answers my 3rd Q.
Then this morning I got a text from a great boyfriend of mine. Before I viewed the text I just knew it was either great news or bad news. KK doesn’t send texts.
It was a thank you message to all those who attended his father’s burial. He must have sent a text to all the numbers on his phone contacts. I never knew. KK is not on Fb and though we have some mutual friends, they are even more outta touch than me.
I have called him and we’ve talked and all. So sad. I knew his parents. They were such love birds even after 40 yrs of marriage. Poor Mrs K.
On a cheery note, Mom’s 79th birthday was yesterday. I called her late in the night (bad daughter! I’d remembered in the morning, then I forgot). I'dchatted with dad awhile then asked him to hand over the phone to Mom - before she turns green. Mom and I spoke for about 15mins. I noticed the conversation was not in sync. Her responses were to my questions were off tangent.
She ended the conversation anyway and there I sat starring at my phone. Wondering what was that??!.
I had to call , dad back.
Me: Dad, is your wife going deaf?
He burst into laughter.
Me thinking - Ok that’s reassuring.
Dad: Nooo. You know I’ve got a new flip phone. I don’t think she was holding it the right way.
Me: errr You sure Dad?
Dad: Yes dear. Call her on her own phone and note the difference.
Me: Ok. I will. Goodnight Dad. I love you.
Dad: I love you too Ginger
*sigh of relief. Thank you Lord.


  1. Oh Honey, what is this all about? You are not going to die. You are young and vibrant and have a lot ahead of you. Get the morbid stuff out of your mind! I hate that feeling and don't want you to have it either!

  2. Now this got me grinning. Spoken like a true Mom. I'm alright now. Was just feeling blue.
    Okay blues are over. Back to my sunny self. Thank you Mom.



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